Name: Yvaine
Description: A whip-thin woman with dirty blonde hair, typically gathered in a tail, who typically dresses in cured leathers...

Character Sheet


 High Concept: Falkreath's Infamous Wildling Daughter.
 Trouble: Blunt and Confrontational... especially after she's had a few.
 Aspect: Longed to be a member of the Companions since she was a girl...
 Aspect: I worry about Dagny, sometimes, but I'd walk through Fire for her...
 Aspect: Hunted by the Dark Brotherhood!


 Great (+4): Wildcraft.
 Good (+3): Fight, Athletics.
 Fair (+2): Physique, Provoke, Notice.
 Average (+1): Archery, Crafts, Investigate, Rapport.


  • Attention to Detail: You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Decieve attempts due to your ability to 'read' people and your constant attention to small details.
  • Daughter of Skyrim: You gain a +2 to Rapport when boisterously getting along with fellow Nords (especially when Drink is involved).
  • Danger Sense: Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where you're in Danger.
  • Killing Stroke: Once per scene, when forcing an opponent to take a consequence with Fight, spend a fate point to increase its severity by one tier (i.e., moderate becomes severe).
  • Master Tracker: You gain a +2 when using Wildcraft on Overcome rolls to track someone through the Wilderness.

Other Stats & Stuff

Refresh: 1

  • Physical Stress: [1] [2] [3]
  • Mental Stress: [1] [2]


  • [mild] [moderate] [severe]

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