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Sol Invictus

A high powered Solar game run by Charlequin to change the world and test his new charms!

This game is run using rules modifications and new Charms found in Sol Invictus, as part of a beta test before the broad-scale public release.

Now, it IS in public release! Yay Quin!

High Quality Sol Invictus PDF (9.68 MB)

See the Clue Wiki for an exploration of links between characters, unsolved and solved mysteries, the first and second ages and generally trying to get a handle on What The Hell Is Going On. http://wiki.stryck.com/clue/

Characters were created using 60 bonus points, 17 background points, and 25 starting Charms.

As of 12/8/05, Combos in SI now cost a flat 2xp per charm!


Game Logs

  • Gossamer Flower? - The curtain rises to see our heroes attacked by bizzare vegetation and confronted by a strange messenger... (B5, C0, M6, R5, Z6)
  • Deathlord Diplomacy? - The Circle recieves a disturbing invitation, one of diplomacy from the Mask Of Winters... (B4, C4, M4, R0, Z5)
    • Summoning Lucien? - Calling forth Lucien goes more than slightly wrong for Zahara and Markuran... (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • Wyld Hunt Fight? - Travelling to retrieve a meteorite, the circle is ambushed by a small wyld hunt... (B1, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
  • Underworld Battle? - The undead horde attacks! (B4, C4, M4, R0, Z5)
    • Wyld Hunt Hunt 1? - After finding a villiage destroyed, Cerin, Marku and Birds set out to track the remains of the Wyld Hunt. (B1, C1, M1, R0, Z0)
  • The Three Lights? - Swift and terrible vengance is exercised upon gods who destroyed a villiage. (B5, C5, M6, R5, Z5)
    • Essence Flows? - Cerin and Zahara (and Marku) investigate the essence flows in Relovia, to aid in the construction of essence blocking collars. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • Essence Flows 2? - Cerin, Rannath and Zahara track down a lunar and provoke it to fight, that Cerin might obvserve its essence flows. (B0, C1, M0, R1, Z1)
  • Loose Ends? - A breakin at the Labyrinth Cascade is investigated (B4, C5, M4, R4, Z4)
    • Interior Decorating? - Marku and Zahara start to plan Cerin's rooms, the Cerin and Zahara go to relax as the Gilmyne dances (B0, C2, M1, R1, Z2)
    • Birds Learns Something New? - and so does Zahara too. (B2, C2, M2, R0, Z2)
    • Meeting With Lai? - Cerin meets with Lai Misuna, and recieves instruction about what next to do. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z0)
  • Discovering Rathess? - A huge explosion draws the circle to Rathess. (B5, C6, M5, R5, Z5)
    • Meeting With Ssithumi? - Cerin meets with Ssithumi to discuss his previous life and other topics. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z0)
    • Garden Conversation? - Rannath and Birds talk about subverting the faiths of the world with their own, new faith. (B1, C0, M0, R1, Z0)
    • Tomb Raiding? - Cerin, Markuran and Zahara learn of the great Necropolis of Rathess and happily go off to desecrate Zahara's tomb. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • A Revelation? - Cerin reveals his complicity with Lai Misuna to Zahara. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • Essence Flows 3? - Cerin, Markuran and Zahara fight against an Abyssal to gather more information and return home with a new guest. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • The Red Dagger? - Cerin uses a laboratory in Rathess to investigate the strange weapon given to him by Lai.
    • Essence Flows 4? - The Abyssal has beeen captured and now Cerin and Zahara are working on his prison..arrangements. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • When Yeddim Attack? - Cerin and Markuran respond to pleas from villagers to hunt down some nasty Yeddim. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z0)
    • Summoning Lucien 2? - Zahara summons Lucien once more, to unearth traitors within the Sunlands. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • Greater Lipid Mass? (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1) - Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran investigate an Alchemical demesne -- and bargain with its bizarre inhabitants.
    • A Romantic Dinner? - Cerin and Zahara plot further, over a nice meal of roast yeddim. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • Seekrit Miniscene #7 -- "Mouth" (?1, others 0)
    • A Revelation 2? - Cerin and Zahara reveal Bertrand to Rannath, who reacts with rage. (B0, C1, M0, R1, Z1)
  • War With Lookshy? - The Mask of Winters uses the oaths sworn by his new ally nations to bring them into war with Lookshy; the Circle seeks to undo the damage. (B6, C6, M6, R0, Z6)
    • Meeting With Ssithumi 2? - Cerin speaks to Ssithumi again, and she gives him a task. (B0, C1/2, M0, R0, Z0)
    • Meeting With Grala? - Cerin speaks to Grala, Mistress of the Hunt, in search of clues. (B0, C1/2, M0, R0, Z0)
    • Seekrit Miniscene #11 -- "Phone" (?1, others 0)
    • Island Hopping? - Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran examine the gate which Seven Herons Leaping used, and after getting a little lost, learn how to control it. (B0, C2, M2, R0, Z2)
    • Grapes? - What didn't happen in this session? rumours, sidereals, new Exalts and a call to duel! (B5, C4, M4, R0, Z4)
    • Rathess Promise? - Cerin and Zahara talk with Ssithumi about the Aalorai. Cerin makes a promise. ((B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • Talk at Dawn? - Zahara and Cerin speak with Markuran regarding the impending duel with Birds. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • Damsel in Distress? - A flashback to their first trip to the Cascade, Zahara, Cerin and Markuran deal with a Lunar who as kidnapped a young woman. (B0, C1, M1, R0, Z1)
    • The Duel at Dawn? - Markuran and Birds have it out, but with kindness and understanding! (B1, C0, M1, R0, Z0)
    • Exalt Chitchat? - Cerin talks with Birds about his theories on the new Exalts (B1, C1, M0, R0, Z0)
  • Revelations of Many Kinds? - Cerin's background comes to light as the Circle plans to deal with the Aalorai. Markuran gets a new look. No one seems interested about anything. (B4, C5, M4, R0, Z4)
    • Marku and Zahara Craft? - Marku and Zahara set to work making weapons of incrediable lethality to all beings who wield essence. (subscene to main game)
    • Rathess Library? - Zahara and Cerin go seeking ancient lore, and find it in a library in rathess. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • Markurans Tomb? - Markuran, Cerin and Zahara explore the tomb of Kiraith the Deceiver. Markuran unleashes a great evil on the world.(B0, C2, M2, R0, Z2)
    • Island of the Aalorai? - Birds and Cerin continue their scouting. (B0, C1, M0, R0, Z1)
    • MarkuransTomb2? - Markuran and Zahara return to his tomb, to see what the ..spirit left behind. (B0, C0, M1, R0, Z1)
  • Carnival Fever? - The Circle travels to Yu-Shan, for the Carnival of Meeting. (B5, C4, M4, R4, Z4)
    • Lion Wrestling? - Markuran and Selonis have their wrestling match and after an embarassing start, the fun ensues! (B0, C1, M1, Z0)
    • After the Match? - Marku and Selonis enjoy Celestial Wine and other fine dining as they converse about weird and arcane matters. (B0, C0, M1, Z0)
    • Iallu the Ten Faceted? - Birds joins Marku as he follows up a suggestion from Selonis. They learn much of the Hundredfold from a freaky-deaky crystal goddess. Birds makes a friend. (B2, C0, M2, Z0)
    • Talking with the Petrok? - Cerin has a discussion with some of the Heaven-bound Dragon-Kings and gains their help for Rathess. (B0, C1, M0, Z0)
    • A Series of Conversations? - Cerin talks with Marku, they are joined by Birds. Later, Zahara, Cerin and Marku find Birds face down in the punch. Cerin and Zahara are informed of the deal with Iallu. (B1, C1, M1, Z1)
    • The Tomb Of Ymir? - Cerin, Zahara and Marku go to find the tomb of Ymir, the bearer of Cerin's spark in the previous age. What they find is ...unusual and somewhat disturbing. (B0, C1, M1, Z1)
    • City Underground? - Cerin takes Zahara to a city below the ground, where Cerin once travelled with Lai. Its almost entirely looted, except for one small room...(B0, C1, M0, Z1)
  • Islands In The Sky? - The Lily's plot is revealed and the circle explores the islands of glass...(B5, C6, M5, Z5)
    • Deep City? - Continueing their explorations, Cerin and Zahara find another city below...(C1, Z1)
    • Let Your Soul Unwind? - In trying to entice the Krala to join the empire, Cerin, Zahara and Marku are informed of the Mysterious Man of the Woods. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • Solar Circle Sorcery? - Zahara undergoes the trial and emerges having learned Solar Circle Sorcery.
    • Sky Webs? - Cerin consults Marku about the possibility of building webs in the dragonlines to capture stray essence for study. (C1, M1)
    • Dream Time Questions? - Cerin approached Zahara in her dreams, to speak with her and ask of some things. (C1, Z1)
    • Dynasty Hunters? - Cerin and Mark track down and capture some Dragonblooded (C1, M1)
    • Shadowed Unlife Equation? - Cerin investigates the rumours of undead to the south...(C2)
  • Vesthar Valley? - The circle calls to visit Staaklon and the petrok. (B5, C4, M5, Z4)
  • Talking About The Shadow? - Talking about the Shadowed Unlife Equation (B4, C4, M4, Z4)
    • Seeking Luna? - Marku goes in search of on of Luna's Chosen. (M1)
  • Many Meetings? - Rovash arrives, then the Mask of Winters, then Herons. (B4, C5, M4, Z4)
  • The Fairy And The Ghost? - Rovash emerges from the white room and calls his lost love. (B6, C6, M7, Z6)
    • Night Time Talks? - Cerin explains to Zahara what was revealed to him in heaven. (C1,Z1)
    • Personality Prism? - Cerin visits Marku to talk about disguise artifacts. (C1, M1)
    • Talk In The White Room? - Cerin talks in the white room with Zahara on things of some import. (C1, Z1)
    • Father Of Snakes? - Searching for a gem, the lair of the father of snakes is trespassed upon. (C1, M1, Z1)
  • Harbourhead? (Side Scene) - A group of immaculates investigate Harbourhead. (B4, C4, M4, Z4)
  • Seeking Allies? - The Circle seeks aid in the war that will soon be upon it. Zahara talks to the Xi-Ma-Taxi. (C4, M4, Z5)
    • Grala Agrees? - Grala reluctantly agrees to give aid to the Circle at Markuran and Cerin's pressing.
    • Farewell Gift? - Cerin says farewell to Zahara before departing for Juche. (C1, Z1)
    • Visiting The Library? - Cerin visits the library. In Juche. (C1)
    • Assasin In The Garden? - Zahara makes an offer to the Ivory Orchid Ghost. (Z1)
    • Asking Selonis? - Markuran meets with Selonis to ask his aid. The answer is ...disquieting (M1).
    • Blades And Oaths? - Birds enlists Markuran's aid in learning a charm. (B1,M1).
    • Advice Is Sought? - Markuran asks Cerin for advice, after his talk with Selonis. (C1, M1)
  • Nexus And Lookshy? - Birds and Zahara travel to Lookshy, Cerin and Marku to Nexus, A new allyis gained. (B4, C5, K4, M4, Z4)
  • Shadowed Unlife Solution? - The Shadowed Unlife Equation is dealt with. (B4, C4, K4, M5, Z4)
  • Revear And Shining? - Zahara gains a pet, Shining is revisited (B4, C4, K4, M4, Z5)
    • Books In The Garden? - Cerin talks with Birds about her remarkable books (B1, C1)
    • The Talk? - Zahara and Cerin have the Talk with Marku. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • Manse Redesign? - Birds talks with Marku about a small alteration for the manse. scene unfinished (B1, M1)
    • Of Times Gone By? - Cerin converses with Ssithumi about the past. scene unfinished (C1)
  • Invasion Of The Realm? - Relovia returns with worrying news. (B5, C5, K4, M4, Z4)
  • Knives Of Kasima? - Exalts of Kasima the Knife try to kill the circle. (B4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
  • Red Lily Manse? - The Circle attacks the Red Lily Manse within its boarders. (B4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
    • Seeking Mines? - Birds and Cerin go hunting after rumours of an Orichalcum Mime. (B1, C1)
    • Rovak Hartrunner? - Acting on information from the Rumour Goddess Zahara met in heaven, the circle deals with Rovak. (B4, C4, M4, Z4)
  • The Empty City One? - The circle ventures to Rathess, seeking rumours of the Hematite Legion. (B4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
  • The Empty City Two? - Guardians are dealt with, and the General found. (B4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
    • Meeting With Selonis? - Marku meets with Selonis in an Isle of Glass, and comes away with an unformed concept.
    • Sea of Icons? - The other Solars return with Marku to the Sea of Icons, where they discuss the Sun and other matters with Selonis.
  • The Silver Pact? - Serenal the Lunar returns and the Solars follow her to Lachu Atapis, home of the Silver Pact.
    • Lachu Atapis? - While Marku's honor is tested elsewhere, Serenal gives the other Solars a tour of the city.
    • Test of Honor? - The Lunar elders send Marku into a strange phantasmagorical world where his honor is tested.
  • The Test Completed? - The other Solars discuss matters further with Serenal; then, Marku returns from his test.
    • Regarding Herons? - Cerin and Zahara chat about his trip and about Herons' trustworthiness.
    • The Test's Aftermath? - Marku tells the other Solars about his test; the Solars return home and begin planning for future action.
    • Serenal's Tattoo? - Markuran and Zahara give Serenal her tattoo.
  • Into The Wyld? - The Solars journey into the Wyld to gather an ingredient for Exaltation -- and to confront Zahara's nemesis Tevezt.
    • About the Faith? - Marku and Birds briefly discuss the Faith Ecliptic.
    • In the Realm? - Realm soldiers become involved in the civil war. scene unfinished
  • Out From the Wyld? - The Solars complete their confrontation with Tevezt and return to safety.
  • Trouble At Home? - The Solars begin their journey home from the Wyld. Cerin spies a unit of Lily troops! The forest around the Cascade is burned down! The Cascade's river spirit is gone! Certain personal details emerge about Kai!
  • Into the Fray? - Cerin hides inside Selonis' belly in order to be smuggled into Heaven; meanwhile, the others sneak into the Realm, where they're attacked by Hundredfold and Reshina, a demon who's after Kai.
  • A Close Shave? - Reshina kills Zahara stone dead. Cerin arrives in the nick of time.
  • Into the West? - The Solars grill Kai more about her various secrets, then steal a boat from the Realm and head out into the ocean.
  • The Plains of Elysion? - The Solars journey to Elysion, discover new life, and go off to fight a horrific beast.
  • Elysion Part Two? - The Solars defeat the horrible creature, meet the Lords of Elysion, and all is right with the world.
  • An Island of Danger? - The Solars put their boat up to port, only to discover that everyone is gone. Then the Aalorai attack. They meet another circle of strange Solars on the way out.
  • The Uttermost West? - The Solars escape from the aalorai. They discover the majesty of the Water Pole (and get a good look at Dana'ad). Then they encounter some Red Lily pirates.
  • Killing Ahlat? - The Solars setup their ambush; Ahlat shows up and the fight begins.
  • Pirates Arr? - The Solars dispose of the pirates, and plunder their booty. They return home only to find their house impolitely invaded again and a nearly-dead Herons dumped in the fountain.
  • Ahlat Escapes? - Ahlat escapes. Everyone is disappointed.
  • The Soulfont? - The Solars journey to Letheon and discover the true source of all life. It is pretty.
  • The War Room? - The Solars talk strategy.
  • Marku's Rose? - Kai and Marku journey with Relovia to meet with the Roseblack. Lily troops attack and Marku is repossessed by the spirit from his tomb. Kai manages to avoid fighting the Roseblack's entire army.
    • Bedside Chat With Herons? - Cerin and Zahara find out what they can from Herons, then journey to the Chrysanthemum to search for the missing Orrery of Lights.
  • Aftermath? - Zahara and Cerin explore the empty halls of the Chrysanthemum and bump into an ally. Kai lets them know that the Roseblack wants a job.
  • Bread and Visions? - After discussing what to do about Marku and coming to some logical -- but brand new -- conclusions about how to deal with Lai, the Solars practice divination, and discover intriguing -- and scary -- things about their First Age lives.
  • Return to Nexus? - The Circle discusses their latest information regarding the First Age mystery, then journeys to Nexus where a contact from Kai's past provides yet more info.
    • Rathess Library Chats? - Kai and Cerin chat with Ssithumi while Zahara digs into the stacks.
    • Journey to Estoc? - Cerin talks over some history with the slowly recovering Herons, then follows his intuition through the gate and winds up in Estoc.
  • The Evil Tree? - The Solars encounter the Cult of Laerad and defeat their attempt to create a new, more evil pole of Wood.
    • Heart of Darkness? - Cerin investigates the Laerad cultists operating in the far East, and explores their hideout.
    • Tomb Raiding 4? - Birds has a sudden urge and it leads the ladies of the group directly to Alahwi's tomb.
  • Temple of Unfeeling Ice? - Journeying to the North, the Solars surprise Iallu but eventually coax her out for an intriguing conversation.
  • A Shuffling of Solars? - Cerin disappears on his way through the portal! The irrepressibly difficult Thirteen Flowers Blooming mysteriously arrives, and tensions mount!
    • An Offer is Made? - Cerin is abducted to the Isles of Ash by the Thousand-Faced Man and made an intriguing offer.
    • Big Happy Family? - Cerin returns, and lots of matters get discussed. Zahara gets cranky.
    • An Interrogation? - Cerin and Zahara interrogate the new guy! Tensions mount even further!
    • A Sudden Departure? - In between discussing Thirteen's strange origins, Birds-of-Trinity announces a sabbatical.
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