Notable Notables (from the timeline, in order of appearance)

Reginald Beyers - Ogre (Stonebones), Winter Court

 Original leader of the Trimountain Society, and the First Motley of Boston.

Reginald Beyers was a powerful and commanding figure, both physically and just in raw presence. A veteran of WWI's trenches, taken by his Keeper from the ditch where he was bleeding to death amidst the bodies of friend and foe alike, Reginald's delusion that he was being saved was very short lived. He lingered on for years in the care of a terror he called the Grainshen, and the faint wisps of memory from that time haunted Reginald more than any flashback from the war itself. Both experiences turned him into a mountain of a man, however, hardening his resolve and strengthening his character. Yet for all that he possessed many of the qualities of leadership, Reginald was shaped by his unflinching puritan beliefs and Christian values, as well as the racism and chauvinism with which he'd been raised. It was these later qualities that posed such a obstacle to the formation of the Freehold in the late 1930s.

Current Status- MIA and Presumed Deceased from Omaha Beach

Ashley Padraig Morrigan - Fairest (Beckoning), Autumn Court

 Object of a Bostonian Morality Tale about the Hedge.

Ashley Padraig Morrigan was an important figure in the early days of the Trimountain Lodge. A respected preacher before being taken by his Keeper, Ashley helped gather a good bit of the monetary backing to establish the lodge and helped make initial contact with the wealthy Bostonians who helped give it a certain pedigree among the towns elite. In many ways, Ashley's influence over the early affairs of the Motley rivaled that of Reginald. But he had one exceedingly strong personal flaw that ultimately led to his doom: he was obsessed with the Hedge. The way that it seemed to know him, to react to the core of his being, to draw him to confront things about himself that he'd not known. He would disappear, sometimes for as long as two days, into the Hedge often without a completely rational explanation as to why or to what purpose. All his Motley knew that something was wrong, but not how to approach the issue. And then... it was too late.

Current Status- Lost to the Hedge, exact Fate unknown.

Augustina Valen - Elemental (Woodblood), Spring Court

 Everyone's Wacky Aunt who doesn't realize/care that she's starting to age.

Everyone might not like Augustina Valen, but most every Changeling in Boston knows her (and a fair portion have slept with her). One of the original flappers during the prohibition era, she smoked when she wanted, danced all night and slept with her share of men. Nothing could restrain her vibrancy then, and she's still just as much of a free spirit now as she was back in the 20s -- neither her durance as a piece of living topiary, the slings and arrows of society (Lost or human), or the gradual graying of her hair slowing her down the least. Since the day she escaped from the Hedge she's been a living embodiment of Spring, and has represented the Court (with occasional interruptions) for the past 58 years. While she doesn't always take things as seriously as some of her fellows, Augustina is generally regarded as "Wise" much to her own chagrin.

Current Status- Queen of the Spring Court

Howard Little - Beast (Broadback), Courtless

 Self-Imposed Exile, and Margrave of the Brim.

A goodly portion of the freehold know next to nothing about Howard Little. He dwells on the edge of the Freehold, in the harsh no mans land of the Brim. He has very little contact with the Freehold, and only attends social functions rarely. Even fewer know that once Howard Little was once well-respected, even a member of a Court (though exactly which one varies with the teller) -- but that didn't last long. Some say it was his rocky relationship with Augustina Valen, the fact that he almost killed her all those years ago, how that act of violence showed his true colors. Others say its shame and regret for having abandoned friends and countrymen during WWII, a private sin that he simply can't forgive himself for. Now and again rumors begin to circulate that he's perished or simply disappeared, but not long after he shows his face again -- just long enough, no longer. And sometimes, very rarely, he'll even take someone back with him when he returns to the Brim. Someone lost and alone, rejected by the Courts, with no where else to go.

Current Status- First among equals of the Outcasts of the Brim.

Blind Thomas - Wizened (Oracle), Winter Court

 Founder of the Freehold, and King of the Endless Winter

In terms of the historical record, the Trimountain Society is somewhat divided in terms of Blind Thomas. He is personally responsible for the foundation of the Freehold itself, having both assisted in ending the reliance on the Lost of Providence and in establishing the general layout of the Freehold itself. He served as the Winter King uninterrupted for 21 years, and was widely regarded as wise and even-handed. Moreover, he knew more about the rest of New England than anyone else in the Freehold at the time and was respected by all as a source of balanced knowledge. He seemed an entirely unimpeachable figure, and no one would have anticipated what he did in the closing days of 1965 -- failing to relinquish the Seasonal Crown to Spring, instead proclaiming himself the King of the Endless Winter. To be sure the Winter Court of Boston at the time was exceedingly powerful, but still, if he expected this blatant takeover to go unchallenged he was wrong.

The battle for the return of Seasonal Rule continued throughout most of 1966, only ending when David Ironhands managed to draw Blind Thomas into the Hedge and defeat him in a Hedge Duel to the death. Once the battle was over, legend says, the Thorns took Blind Thomas into their embrace, and his body was never found (though there were numerous witnesses to his demise). It wasn't until mid-1968 that seasonal rule was actually reestablished, mostly due to dealing with still-defiant portions of the Winter Court and the surviving Winter Knights who had sworn lifelong loyalty to the King of Endless Winter. The actual fallout of the defied Freehold Oaths took much longer to fade entirely, making the 70s one of the worst decades in Society history.

Current Status- Killed by David Ironhands, and (rumor says) dragged off into the Hedge.

Lorraine Ableman - Fairest (Bright One), Spring Court

 Boston's Oldest Changeling, and Leader of the Bishopric of Blackbirds.

The only member of "Boston's First Motley" to survive to the present day, and first among the Blackbird Bishops' in the city, Lorraine is both the oldest and the most powerful Changeling in the city of Boston. In many ways the Matron of Boston's Lost, Lorraine knows everyone and is always willing to lend a caring shoulder and offer a bit of advice or more active assistance. Even before she became a Blackbird Bishop, Lorraine was caring and motherly -- ripped away from her family by the Gentry, returned to the world to find her husband dead and her children grown, her defeated mothering instinct redirected itself to her adopted family. With her assumption of a kind of Nobility, she's given off herself selflessly for nearly a century. Yes, her assistance is not always free of charge, and a great mass of the cities Lost owe her a favor. Yet they've also seen what nearly a century of selflessness has done to her, and few worry much about what they'll be put to when she comes to collect their favor on someone else's behalf.

Current Status- Alive and Kicking but Low Clarity.

Constance Jones - Wizened (Artist), Spring Court

 Martyr of the Spring Court.

The Spring Court still tells tales of Constance Jones. She was friendly and passionate, with a ready smile and a quick humor. She was patient, hard to anger and never said anything bad about anybody -- even the people that said bad things about her. She was always ready to have a good time, but willing to drop everything to help out a friend -- or even someone she didn't really like that much. She had amazing talent as a painter, and to this day many of her portraits hang in some of the nicer museums about town, yet her real talent was getting everyone to like her and her simple honesty. Thus it was that when the Winter Court refused to give up power to the Spring Court in 1966, she simply went to see Blind Thomas and convince him to honor his oaths. She told him the plain simple truth, with a simple answer to every counter-argument that he could come back with. She wouldn't shut up, she wouldn't leave, she wouldn't even accept a Hedge Duel to settle things. So, he did the only thing he could. He had her killed.

Current Status- Executed by Grogast, setting off the fierce resistance to Blind Thomas' rule.