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Suggestions and Devious Plotting

I, Bri, want to remind Brandon that:
  • I want to be initiated into all kinds of cool Winter secrets, and get more chances for goodwill from Spring.
  • Elizabeth is cool! She deserves more face-time.
I, Sonja, want to remind my player that:
  • My birthday is February the 11th; I was born in 1975. That makes me 30 years old as of current campaign date. Cool, huh?
  • I was taken about 4 years and 9 months ago, putting my age when I was taken at 20.
    • Unusually, time seemed to pass about the same in Arcadia as in the real world. Or did it? Mary stayed young for years.
  • I have a really cool car! It's the four seater.
  • I need to do more to help Zoe.
  • My blade is a combat hardened iron blade named Axis Cordis.
  • We need to play to my talents some more. Parties, writing, etc...
Sources of Glamour
  • Henrietta Schuyler, a lovesick girl obsessed with Yvonne Howe (the Acid-Washed Nun). You gained 9 glamour from her; a very strong source of sorrow.
Building Rapport
  • Melinda 5: Sonja dearly cares for her girlfriend of over five years. While at first it was just an attempt to heal the hurt soul that was Sonja, in time Melinda grew to love her.
  • Missy 3: A human friend who their dance of seduction recently came to an end, culminating in a threesome with Sonja and Melinda.
  • Myron 3: This is Sonja's mentor in the way of dream manipulation, exploration, and understanding.
  • Zoe 3: A good friend who escaped from Arcadia with Sonja. Sonja has been considering asking Melinda if she'd want to bring another into their relationship, with Sonja particularly thinking of Zoe there.
  • Jenny Cottontail 2: She is both a trusted friend and confidant to Sonja, providing backup, advice, and just general companionship.

Stuff I Want To Buy

Academics 3 (6+9=15xp), Medicine 2 (6xp), Empathy 4 (12 xp), Dreams, Onieoscopy (3+3=6xp), Politics 3 (9xp), Dream 5 (16+20=36xp), Onieopomp 5 (10xp), Skeinwalking 4 (20xp), Socialize Dress Balls, Bar Hopping (6xp) = 147xp total