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Character Description: Sonja is a tallish (about 5' 11.5") slender woman with an hourglass shape and pale skin (with what appears to be a thin coating of rime frost). Soft somehow, almost like looking at a lightly blurred picture. Her eyes are a luminous green, and a gentle aura of light surrounds her (not enough to give any real illumination). Her hair is pale blue and translucent and reaches down her back entirely, her features are somewhat elvish, with pointed ears, refined features and very fine hair. To those unable to pierce her mask, however, Sonja appears to simply be a tall beautiful woman with a pale but rosy complexion and striking features. Her hair is arrow straight and pale golden, in some lights looking to have blue highlights (as if from a fading dye job), her eyes bright shimmering green that seem to fill her face with light. She's willowy of form, with some curves despite being quite thin. To all who see her, she seems young without being immature, maybe 27 or 28.

Character Quote "You think that because I run, I'm an easy mark? One animal is more dangerous than any other, the human animal. And one kind of animal is more dangerous, the cornered kind. Give chase, but ask yourself... do you really want to see what I'm capable of if harried?"


Sonja Freewind ("Sonja Melody Harris") Secular Humanist CONCEPT VICE Knight-Errant Spiteful SEEMING (KITH) COURT Fairest (Bright One/Dancer) Winter

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 4 Strength 2 Presence 3 Wits 3 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 4

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-0) Academics * Athletics * Animal Ken Computer * Brawl Empathy *** Crafts * Drive Expression **** Investigation * Firearms Intimidation ** Medicine ** Larceny * Persuasion *** Occult ** Stealth * Socialize *** Politics * Survival Streetwise Science Weaponry **** Subterfuge ***

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Craft: Hedgespun Stealth: Light-footed Empathy: Melinda, Onieomancy Investigation: Body language Weaponry: Duels Expression: Dance Occult: Dreams, Onieroscopy Socialize: Refined

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 7/7
 Clarity: 7
 Derangement's: None
 Wyrd: 4
 Willpower: 7/7
 Glamour: 4/12

 Personal: 12(+1 Duels, +4 with Phantasmal Bastion)
 Environmental: 10(+4 with Phantasmal Bastion)
 Defense: 5
 Armor: 4

 Size: 5
 SF: 5

 Defense: 3
 Initiative: 8
 Speed: 11

Changeling Modifiers & Traits

 Contracts: Dream 4, Hearth 2, Vainglory 3, Fleeting Winter 1, Sorrow-Frozen Heart 1, Fevor 2
 Dream Intensity 7 dice
 # of Vows: 7 total
 Max Fruits Carried: 10 fruit
 Boons: Adroitness (Politics), Blessing (+2 to Resources)
        Glamour (protecting missy's dreams, work-related actions for two separate clients).
Seeming Blessing

The Fairest really are the Fairest of Them All, and the innate magic of their Seeming only emphasize this all the more. Sonja may spend Glamour to improve dice pools that include Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion, with each point spent increasing the dice pool by one die. Also, she suffers no unskilled penalty for using Social Skills in which she has no dots.

Kith Blessing

Sonja has the blessing of Goblin Illumination. She can, at will, illuminate an area the size of a smallish room (about 15' x 15' x 10' high) with a soft, pale light for the rest of the scene. This light typically centers on Sonja's left hand, but appears to come from the air itself rather than emanating from Sonja directly. This light doesn't move, remaining wherever it was created even if Sonja wanders off and leaves it behind. Sonja may spend one Glamour point to make the light painfully intense; anyone trying to target her while she remains in the light treats her as partially concealed (-2 dice penalty; -1 if the attacker is wearing sunglasses).

Also, she has the Fae Grace of the Dancer. She gains 9-again to any roll of Expression or Socialize involving agility (such as dancing or juggling), as well as gaining +1 to Dodge totals.

Seeming Curse

The Fairest share something with their Keepers, and can often be callous and unfeeling toward others, even vicious and prone to toy with others! Even those who love them. Sonja's inner balance suffers for this remnant of her Durance, and she suffers a -1 die penalty on any dice pools to avoid losing Clarity. It's somewhat easier for her to simply drift into fae madness without really noticing...

Merits & Flaws

Allies (Social Workers) **

You're still new at your job, and making friends. You're quite popular with the boss and some of the other workers, and can manage things like getting adjustments to your schedule or switching off days with some of your fellow workers. Just minor favors, for the time being. You might be even more popular but some of the other girls are a bit intimidated by how good you seem to be at the job, or simply haven't known you long enough.

Contacts ***

You've made a number of inroads in Boston society, gaining contacts both from your job ("My Case Files"), your active nightlife ("Generation Now"), and the occult underground. This gives you a broad layer of contacts among the struggling working class of the city in multiple fields, as well as a nice overlay of the cities night culture ranging from bored debutantes to druggies to college kids trying to work off a bit of steam. You keep roughly abreast of whats going on in both areas.

Languages (4xp)

You know how to speak "Mourning Cant" (1xp) and French (3xp).

Resources *
Status (JCS) **

You have a small position in Boston's Office of Jobs and Community Service, where you work as a Social Worker. You don't have much seniority, but are a card-carrying member of the municipal government and the JCS itself, with all the benefits of both. Your salary is not particularly great at your pay grade, but due to your Motley Pledge (effective resources: 3) you manage to do very well for yourself.

Striking Looks **

You are exceptionally attractive by modern standards. Sonja gains a +1 modifier to all Presence or Manipulation rolls when attempting to use her looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive others. This bonus can also apply in other circumstances when it might be appropriate.

New Identity **

You've created a new life for yourself, separate from your old, with the aid of the Winter & Autumn Courts (while the Winter Court handles a lot of the bureaucracy, the Autumn Court has better forgers by far). This new identity is not yet airtight, but is enough to get you through day-to-day life and even stand up to a bit of scrutiny. If you were ever scrutinized by a sustained investigation, however, you'd be in trouble.

Fighting Finesse (Swords) **

You've learned to fight with a Sword in a manner that favors agility over power; you can use Dexterity when making Weaponry attack rolls with your Sword.

Onieropomp *****

Sonja has been studying the arts of Onieromancy under the tutelage of Myron, of Creepy, and has proved a diligent student over the past four years. She enters the dreams of others quite easily, even when outside of the Hedge, and can come to understand a dreamer not very long after she's talked her way into his dreams. She has still yet to fully grasp the final lessons, however.

Onieroscopy *

Sonja has recently been studying also how to walk the Skein under Myron rather recently and has shown amazing talents there, perhaps due to the Dreams of Winter she was exposed to? She more easily can discover dream gates, but has much to learn.

Archive *

Sonja has a grand plan of filling the library of the Hollow with all sorts of knowledge contained on crystals which when light is shined on them in the proper way produce images in the air one can read, with the information changing as one turns the crystal. So far she only has a number of crystals detailing Wyrd dreams, but one day soon she'll have more.

Dual Kith (Dancer) **

What feels like a lifetime in the service of She Who Burns Too Brightly has taught you not merely to be a good liar, but to completely hide your true emotions from others, burying them so deeply inside that they don't show. This mask slipped for a bit, after your escape, but is now back up. Anyone attempting to see through your lies, figure out your characters real emotions or otherwise pierce the mask suffers from a -2 penalty to any roll involved. In addition, any attempt to use lie detectors or voice-stress analyzers are made with a -4 penalty. You can mimic emotions with great skill, and even provide all the little physiological signs.

Court Goodwill (Winter) **

While Sonja is definitely of Winter, she has held onto the affections and feelings of one Melinda of the Spring Court. This has put her in a favorable light as far as most courtiers of Spring are concerned.

Hollow ****

Sonja initially found this Underwater Grotto under Chandler's Pond in Brookline, claiming it for her own. It's since been expanded and improved by the other members of the Motley, but Sonja has still put more work into it than any of the others and considered it 'hers'. (Amenities +1, Size +2, Wards +1).

Mantle (Spring) ***

You bear a very strong Winter Mantle, which despite its strength is fairly subtle. The Winter Mantle, in addition to its slight seasonal cues, tends to be much more stark and clear than the other season's mantles, almost as if it was hiding. Sonja's mien seems more clear somehow, more there, with only the occasional touches of Winter visible. Sonja gains a +4 dice bonus to Social rolls involving other Winter Courtiers, a +1 die bonus to Subterfuge rolls, and others subtract one die from any Perception roll attempting to notice her.

Token ***

Sonja purchased the Mask Of The White Wolf from the Hob with the Iron Mask in exchange for three seasons' worth of luck.

Fighting Style: Dream Combat *

Equipment and Stuff

Sonja's Sword

Sonja has a Sword Cane! This does 10 damage (+2), lethal or bashing depending on if its sheathed or not. It's a Size 2/L weapon, with 3 Durability.


  • 32xp for Wyrd 4
  • 10xp for Manipulation 2
  • 35xp for Int 3, 4
  • 25xp for Wits 2, 3
  • 15xp for Presence 2, 3
  • 3xp for Academics 1
  • 3xp for Computer 1
  • 3xp for Medicine 1
  • 3xp for Occult 1
  • 18xp for Empathy 2, 3 and Onieromancy
  • 6xp for Intimidation 2
  • 6xp for Subterfuge 2
  • 6xp for Rigid Mask
  • 6xp for New Identity 2
  • 6xp for Striking Looks 2
  • 6xp for Contacts 1, 2
  • 2xp for Resources 1
  • 6xp for Fighting Finesse 2
  • 6xp for Status (Social workers) 1, 2
  • 6xp for Allies (Social workers) 1, 2
  • 2xp for Court Goodwill (Spring) 1
  • 18xp for Hollow 2, 3, 4
  • 18xp for Mantle 2, 3, 4
  • 6xp for New Identity 1, 2
  • 20xp for Onieropomp 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 2xp for Integral Finesse 1
  • 0xp for Token 3 (Mask Of The White Wolf)
  • 8xp for Hearth 2
  • 4xp for Sorrow-Frozen Heart 1,
  • 4xp for Fleeting Winter 1
  • 20xp for Dream 2, 3
  • 12xp for Fevor 1, 2
  • 6xp for Occult 2
  • 3xp for Craft Hedgespun specialty
  • 6xp for Medicine 2
  • 9xp for Subterfuge 3
  • 3xp for Empathy: Melinda
  • 16xp for Dream 4
  • 10xp for Onieropomp 5
  • 3xp for Occult: Dreams
  • 2xp for Fighting Style: Dream Combat
  • 10xp for Mantle (Spring) 2, 3
  • 3xp for Contacts 3
  • 3xp for Occult: Onieroscopy
  • 2xp for Onieroscopy 1
  • 2xp for Archive 1
 387 experience total
 -389xp spent
0 xp unspent