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Suggestions and Devious Plotting

Links and Stuff: Timothy Background, Dream Of Consciousness Stream, Timmy Diary.

I, Will, want to remind Brandon that:
  • Let's take Kandi down to Miami Beach for Spring Break! Spring Break storyline!
  • I would like to go to Niagra Falls on Spring Court business.
  • Also think that going to see the Aurora is something timmy would do
  • Party scene at Timmy's! While brewing wine, it should be awesome, calling people at random and inviting them. Things get out of hand...
  • After Vera said she preferred writing with magnets, there has been a bunch of magnets on Timmy's fridge in case someone/something wants to leave him a message.
Current scene ideas:
  • w/ Ahki: Talk to Fergy about her Keeper (Timmy should talk about his offer to help Kandice's father as well as mercedes)
  • w/ Ahki: Bring her to Lorraine to learn about Entitlements and get the sales pitch for the Bishops.
  • w/ Mary: Take Mary to a church in Timmy's old neighborhood, try to find a priest for her baptismal rite and also use the opportunity to learn about local humanitarian efforts past, present, and potential avenues in the future.
  • w/ Sonja: Go splunking in the Hedge looking for ingredients for Sonja's present; also possibly bring Ahki, and Timmy can try to learn quicker ways out of the Hedge (pick up the Sense Gateway merit from Rites of Spring)
  • solo: Show Nick Stone around the neighborhood & talk about entitlement, current projects etc.
  • solo: Might be squatters in Timmy's home, Timmy would invite them to stay... after making them pledge a few things.
  • solo: Asking Lordykins what to do about the gang problem... especially what to do if they give him problems.
  • w/ Rose, Ahki, Kandice, Sonja at least: Timmy will offer Rose to share his experience of Arcadia, probably talking about it for the first time since his escape. Because he doesn't want to repeat it too often, he'll make sure those whom need to hear it will be there. Will use a Pledge to try and improve his memory, and those listening.
I, Timmy, want to remind my player that:
  • I think my Birthday is June 18th and I was taken just before Christmas in 1975.
  • I wanna get Mirror 3, use it to shrink real small, and ride birds/balloons and stuff.
  • I want to Investigate the Hedge to find out what happened to the harnesses. Also, Goblin Fruit.
  • Talk to Autumn Courtiers about defeating the True Fae and rather or not its possible; work on Autumn Court Goodwill.
  • Get a small chain of cold iron; preferably a very small chain, like a extremely thin gold necklace. Maybe an actual necklace. Good for punchin' fae with.
  • One word: Skydiving! Get the entire Spring Court involves, I bet that'd be fun.
  • Go into Real Estate, rent properties and go go social change!
  • I need a Pledge with Kandice!
  • The need to balance all your commitments is going to start taking it's toll, so focusing on rebuilding your old home is going to take priority over everything.
  • Stole some Arcadian Wine from a True Fae's hollow for the Revel! It was a hit.

Stuff I Want To Buy

Current List: Mirror 3 (12 xp) Archive 1 (2 xp) (Mythology) Wyrd 3 (24 xp) Striking Looks 2 (6 xp) Manipulation or Intelligence 2 (10 xp) New Identity 4 (14 xp)

Stuff I am interested in for later: Hedge Gate Sense 1 Pledgesmith 1-3 Market Sense 1 Token Maker 3

Fang and Talon 1 (Birds) (6 xp) Element 1: Various elements (Fire, Water, Stone, Metal, Air, more?) (2x each) Wild 1 (4 xp) Omen 2 (4+8 xp) Stone 1 (6 xp) Wild 2 (8 xp) Communion 3 (12 xp)

Eternal Spring 1 (4 xp) Verdant Spring (?) ... Fleeting Summer 2 (6+12 xp) Fleeting Autumn 1 (6 xp) Fleeting Winter 1 (6 xp)

Vainglory 2 (6 xp + 12 xp) Trading Luck for Fate (3 xp) Diviner's Madness (6 xp) omen 5 (12+16+20 xp) Communion 4 (16 xp) Den 2 (6 xp + 12 xp) hours 2 (4+8 xp) Element 5 (Metal) (4 xp + 6 xp + 8 xp + 10 xp) Vainglory 4 (18 xp + 24 xp) Verdant spring 5 (4+8+12+16+20)

Abilities Manipulation 2 (10 xp) Animal Ken 1 (3 xp) Crafts 2 (6 xp) Empathy 2 (6 xp) Persuasion 2 (6 xp) Socialize 2 (6 xp) Streetwise 2 (6 xp) Drive 2 (6 xp) Athletics 2 (6 xp)


  1. Archive (Going to get this ASAP.. maybe 3 dots even. I don't think I'll ever need it, though. Mythology and Psychology + something else?)
  2. Fae Mount (Timmy's Curiosity made manifest? Or he could find part of his Soul that is stuck in the hedge?)
  3. Pledgesmith (I use it alot.. probably going to get at least one dot of this along with Fang and Talon 1)

Total: 430 xp