Timmy Page Two

Character Description: Caucasian male, with multicolored hair with every bright color visible in some lock or stray, unwieldy hair. His skin has a light tan and is pocked by tiny craters. His elegantly carved form is covered by green moss, and is always slightly damp as if from a recent rainfall. Occasionally one can see a falling star as if reflected in his eyes, and walks lightly on his feet as if at any moment he could fall upwards into the sky.

Character Quote: "You can't beat the Others... they can make you do whatever they want. But you don't have to help them. Make them make you. That's the only way to know you are really free to live your life how you want it."


Timothy D. Van Buren Charity CONCEPT VICE Messenger, "a Fallen Star" Lust SEEMING (KITH) COURT Elemental (Starfallen) Spring Court

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 1 Strength 2 Presence 3 Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 2

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics ** Athletics * Animal Ken Computer Brawl **** Empathy * Crafts * Drive * Expression ** Investigation **** Firearms * Intimidation *** Medicine Larceny Persuasion ** Occult * Stealth Socialize **** Politics *** Survival ** Streetwise * Science Weaponry Subterfuge ****

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Academics: Philosophy Survival: The Hedge Empathy: Oneiromancy Crafts: Carpentry Persuasion: Inspiring Citizens

								Subterfuge: Courts of the True Fae

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 7/7
 Clarity: 7
 Derangement's: None
 Wyrd: 3
 Willpower: 5/5
 Glamour: 6/12

 Size: 5
 SF: 5

 Defense: 4
 Initiative: 6
 Speed: 11

Changeling Modifiers & Traits

 Contracts: Elements (Dust) 5, Communion (Sound) 3, Mirror 2, Omens 1, Fleeting Spring 4, Verdant Spring 4
 Dream Intensity 6 dice
 # of Vows: 6 total
 Max Fruits Carried: 7 fruit
 Boons: Adroitness (Politics, Empathy), Blessing (+2 to Resources), Favors (currently none).
Seeming Blessing

An Elemental is greatly touched by the stuff of the world, able to channel the forces and materials that define them into their bodies to withstand great punishment. Once per day, Timmy can spend 1 Glamour to add his Wyrd to his Health dots for the rest of the scene. These follow the normal rules for temporary Health dots, meaning that after the scene the Health dots vanish but any damage they contained remains.

Kith Blessing

Timmy has the blessing of Falling from Heaven. Once per day, he can spend a point of Glamour to rocket down from the sky, instantly achieving terminal velocity and slicing down to a point within his sphere of vision in an instant. The character takes no damage from the fall, and reaches his selected point of impact at the end of the turn while leaving a bright trail along his path of descent.

Seeming Curse

An Elemental is further removed from humanity than some other Changelings, finding humans harder to understand and influence. An Elemental doesn't get the benefit of the 10-again rule on any dice pools involving the Manipulation Attribute and the Skills Empathy, Expression, Persuasion and Socialize.

Member of the Order of the Hallowed Garden

Merits & Flaws

Allies (Community Outreach) ***
Allies (Police) ***
Allies (High Society) ****
Allies (City Hall) ***
Allies (Criminal) ****

Timmy has completely rebuilt a entire neighborhood of Boston, and has all the connections that implies. Timmy doesn't just know important people; he IS an important person, and other important people know him. He can direct the growth of the Neighborhood to his designs, and has a stranglehold on the crime and supernatural activity in the area - although not quite able to take out hits on people, he can banish people from Boston pretty effectively.

Connections(The Academy) *

Rose's cabal and Timmy have went on an adventure or two outside of the states together. It helped forge a bond of trust enough that they can share information.

Contacts ***

Timmy has contacts in his old neighborhood among both the families and predators of Switchtrack Ally. He's also got contacts in a dozen or so freeholds outside of Boston, mostly in Europe, as that was where he was tracking signs of his French ex-girlfriend, spreading the warning that she is a Loyalist, but he's been other places just to meet and share stories.

New Identity ****

I'm a real boy!

Brownie's Boon *

A bargain at a Goblin Market allowed you the opportunity to acquire the ability to perform completely mundane tasks in record time. For any long-term work project of mundane (not supernatural) nature, you may halve the required time to complete a task - but only if your not being watched by anyone! You may even spend a point of Glamour to halve the time again, to a maximum of three points of Glamour and 1/16th of the normal time for any particular task.

Court Goodwill (Summer) *

You've earned at least the interest of the local Summer Court for your ability to stand up for yourself and your family, and your simple uncomplicated courage. You thus gain a +1 dice bonus to Social pools involving members of the Court, but are not yet trusted with their more potent magic.

Mantle (Spring) *****

You bear a powerful Spring mantle, one of the most potent in the City! In addition to its seasonal cues, the Spring Mantle contains cues related to life and hope, and the symbolism of the characters Mantle is almost overpowering. Everything seems more lively around him, flowers bloom, there's a sense of vitality and fragrant drafts of Spring air follow you around. Timmy gains a +5 dice bonus to Social rolls involving other Spring Courtiers, a +1 dice bonus to Socialize rolls, can reroll Social rolls when meeting someone for the first time (to get a better impression), and halves all experience point costs to gain Allies or Contacts.

Luxury **

Timmy's friends take care of him very well, happy to see the positive changes he's brought to his neighborhood and the city continue. That said he still doesn't have a job outside of that. He can't get stuff unless someones gives it to him as a gift, or in return for a favor. Fortunately, they don't skimp out on the essentials. He also has a small staff, including a secretary and a maid.

Fame **

People in Boston know the name Timothy Apperson, at least, if they pay attention to such things. A few might recognize his face but much, much more will recognize his deeds.

Resources *

An amount of real estate is tied up in mortgages and loans, but Timmy is making a tiny profit on it. Mostly other people are reaping the benefits; people in the neighborhood who are either taking advantage of absurdly low rent or pocketing the real income from Timmy's investment. He reaps the benefit in favors and information more than cold hard cash.

Eidetic Memory **
Hedge Gate Sense *
Fae Mount *

Searching for small Hollows that he could find a use for, he quickly developed the sense to find his way out as soon as possible. Timmy's time in the Hedge resulted in him getting clues to find the parts of him that were 'missing'. After finding them he's become much more stable and confident, his memory has improved tremendously - though some of the things he's come to remember aren't pleasant. He's even regained a bit of his boyish curiosity and let go a lot of his hangups that were threatening his relationship with Spring. Just don't mention it to Lorraine...

Pledgesmith *

Bringing together his old neighborhood was in no small amount due to the pledges he was able to forge. The experience serves him well his many adventures.

Emotional Resonance *

Recent problems between Timmy distrusting members of the Winter Court, blocking city resources and starting to cause them some political problems lead to the Court offering to teach him how to better understand people's hidden emotions. Their success cleared up a lot of animosity and mistrust Timmy had, to their benefit as he has been working with members of their court, now understanding their motivations.

Sleepwalker *****

Timmy purchased this Goblin Contract from the local Market in exchange for a year of his support in Freehold politics and introductions to potential markets. He usually buys dreams for use with the Contract at the same market. He normally prefers to trade pre-defined favors.

Hollow **

Timmy has contributed a dot of both Amenities and Wards to the Motleys shared Hollow, dedicating a fair amount of time and effort to the process, bringing in & constructing things to make the place a bit more homey and doing what he can to make it both more secure and lower profile. (Amenities +1, Wards +1)

Hollow **, *, *, *

Timmy has been seeking out small hollows and using them to build a quick transportation network through Boston. One of them is a small cavern that links up an underbridge in Roxbury to a quiet boat launch to the ocean. Timmy keeps a supply of wood and some basic construction equipment there to allow him to do some sekrit projects.

Archive *

Although Timmy's library has decreased in size as he became more and more comfortable among humanity, he's maintained a vast collection of books on mythology around the world. Indexes are currently favored gifts for him; now that he has this knowledge it's time to use it.

Workshop *

Timmy built a large carpentry workshop in the Motley's Hollow to aid in constructing his projects and expanding the Hollow. It's hollowed almost completely out of stone as the Hedge kept rebelling at all the tools that could be used to shape it.


  • 15xp for Resolve 3
  • 10xp for Manipulation 2
  • 9xp for Academics 1,2
  • 3xp for Crafts 1
  • 3xp for Occult 1
  • 3xp for Athletics 1
  • 3xp for Drive 1
  • 3xp for Firearms 1
  • 3xp for Survival 1
  • 3xp for Empathy 1
  • 9xp for Expression 1,2
  • 9xp for Persuasion 1,2
  • 3xp for Streetwise 1
  • 3xp for Crafts: Carpentry
  • 3xp for Persuasion: Inspiring Citizens
  • 6xp for Eidetic Memory
  • 2xp for Fae Mount 1
  • 2xp for Hedge Gate Sense *
  • 6xp for Luxury 2
  • 2xp for Fame 1
  • 2xp for Resources 1
  • 6xp for Contacts 1,2,3
  • 6xp for Allies (Community Outreach) 3
  • 6xp for Allies (Police) 3
  • 10xp for Allies (High Society) 4
  • 6xp for Allies (City Hall) 3
  • 10xp for Allies (Criminals) 4
  • 20xp for New Identity 4
  • 2xp for Brownie's Boon *
  • 2xp for Emotional Resonance *
  • 2xp for Pledgesmith *
  • 20xp for Contract of Elements 5 (1-4 free at starting)
  • 36xp for Contracts of Fleeting Spring 2,3,4 (1 free at starting)
  • 40xp for Verdant Spring 1,2,3,4
  • 12xp for Contracts of Mirror 1,2
  • 12xp for Contracts of Communion (Sound) 1,2
  • 15xp for Sleepwalker *****
  • 6xp for Hollow (Amenities +1, Wards +1) 2
  • 2xp for Archive (Mythology) 1
  • 2xp for Workshop (Carpentry) 1
  • 6xp for new Hollow (Size 1, Doors 1)
  • 2xp for new Hollow (Doors 1)
  • 2xp for new Hollow (Doors 1)
  • 2xp for new Hollow (Doors 1)
  • 6 xp for Visionary Dreams **
  • 4 xp for Fame **
  • 4 xp for Omens 1
  • 12 xp for Communion 3
  • 6 xp for Survival 2
 361 experience total
 -361 spent
 0xp unspent