Technology Levels

GURPS divides various genres, timelines and such by Technology Levels. I will to!

TLDescriptionSample Technology
TL 0?The Stone AgeCounting, Dogsleds
TL 1?The Bronze AgeWriting, The Wheel
TL 2?The Iron AgeRoads, Water Wheels
TL 3?MedievalAnatomical Science, Castles
TL 4?Age of SailClockwork, Movable Type
TL 5?Industrial RevolutionSafe Anesthetics, Telegraph
TL 6?Mechanized AgeAutomobiles, Antibiotics
TL 7?Nuclear AgeJet Aircraft, Nuclear Power
TL 8Digital AgePersonal Computers, Unmanned Combat Vehicles
TL 9?Microtech AgeArtificial Intelligence, Human Genetic Engineering
TL 10Robotic AgeFast Interplanetary Spaceflight, Uploading
TL 11Age of Exotic MatterDefensive Nanites, Celluar Rejuvination

Finally, here's a list of known "threats" (where appropriate) and their Technology levels.