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Info from Ben

Any anchor can [be assigned to] work with any pilot [on any given mission.] It's a good way to fuck with people as an authority figure. Also, note that if the pilot-anchor relationship breaks the anchor's life is in danger. So it can really fuck with people. =====

Authority Figure

  • Barbecube - Some kind of academic who avoided Bliss Stage by having a crappy old computer
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  • Steel Lace 2020, Seasoned Veteran, great player who found the Bliss hack early but kept quiet so she could finish it first (Adrienne)
  • White Lightning, Innocent Sweetheart, inexperienced but with massive enthusiasm. A failure in everything but piloting, views it as his only positive quality. (Jason)
  • Moon Orchid, Rising Hero, an agoraphobic, young college freshman who plays loud music and tries not to go nuts in the empty. -Elizabeth
  • candylandkiller, Carefree Hedonist, bored lonely horny guy who learned that you can amuse yourself by fucking with people for no reason. (Sean)
  • PrinceOfStorms, Carefree Hedonist, secretly a girl who always plays a male character to keep people at bay with a web of pleasantries (Liam)


  • Knicks Fan 99 is kind - He's an easygoing, awkward guy who cracks a lot of jokes trying to make people comfortable. -Elizabeth
  • Artichoke Heart is experienced - She has been around forever online, always lends a hand. (Jason)
  • Docile Apostle? is driven - He thinks pilots spend too much time on this friendship bracelet BS when there's a world to save. (Adrienne)
  • LindyHopper9 is savvy - She spends her time obsessively running spreadsheets, solving each encounter with mathematic precision. (Liam)


Anchor/Pilot Creation

A blank Pilot Template. ======

Questions to answer about your Pilots on your Pilot page, choose at least a couple:

  • How did they become part of the group?
  • How long have they been a member of the group?
  • How did they survive until now?
  • How do they feel about Piloting?
  • Why are they a pilot?

Questions to answer about your Anchors on your Anchor page, choose at least a couple:

  • Are they experienced?
  • Have they seen Pilots die before?
  • Why are they an Anchor?
  • How do they feel about Anchoring?
  • How do they relate to Pilots?