Crown Mountain

A tale of hidden secrets and passing the torch, set in the Blur Ridge Mountains of Northwest Georgia. An 140 year old pack is finally fading away, and its territory is up for grabs, with two young packs ready to take it.

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Setting & Spoilers

The primary setting for the game is the city of Dahlonega?, a peaceful mountain community located in the blue ridge mountains, along interstate 19. The campaign is named after the primary feature of the area, Crown Mountain, which boasts the old pack known as the Crown Mountain Wolves who are falling into decline. The players, along with their rivals in the Shadow of the Mountain, are poised to take over the rich territory as the older pack fades away.

While the physical world is of utmost important to the game, the characters must also mind the dangers of the Shadow? and keep them from overrunning the peaceful town. Nor are the spirits of the Hisil likely the only threats facing the characters, as recent evidence suggests an infestation of the Spider Hosts? within the city.

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