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Red Ice

It started with a death among the cold ice monuments of the North, as the crimson-robed Alogran army and their demonic allies began a campaign of terror across the tundra. Under a green moon, the murder of an ancient Sidereal, the defection of the 10th Deathlord and the machinations of Gods thought long-extinguished have come to light. Now in service of death, a few renegade heroes fight for the existance of Creation as the darkest of the Yozis turns his will and a rogue Deathlord's resources to freeing himself and his brothers. Will Creation be delivered from the maw of the demons only to fall into the clutches of the dead?

Sidereal characters were created using 21 bonus points, 12 background points, and 12 starting Charms. Full rules may be found here:

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Red Ice takes place every other TUESDAY night at 7 PM EST.


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Game Logs

  • The Dust Bunny - After Xansha's funeral, the three Sidereals gather in her citadel to examen the scene of the crime. They find a dust bunny and the scent of rotting iron. A demon has escaped, but the dust bunny was destroyed. (A3, I3, K4)
    • Anstice's Prelude - Anstice is summoned to Xansha's citadel to share secrets recently gathered. When he returns he finds something most unexpected, Xansha dead and her notes ransacked by unknown demons. Flashback(A1)
    • Kinqueduran's Prelude - Having recieved a letter from Anstice telling of Xansha's death, Caramine Rain Hunter resigns to the surprise of his superiors and friends in Yu-Shan. Flashback(K1)
    • Iron Horse's Prelude - A rich and creepy man gives Iron Horse a job: escort his stunning young daughter to her Aunt in another town. Part II forthcoming, to tell us if this job is really as easy as it seems or if something evil is at work! Flashback(I1)
    • Xansha's Tutoring - Anstice and Kinqueduran discuss their training in the past of Creation with Xansha. When Anstice is given a bit of extra work to do, he finds it most intriguing. Flashback(A1)
  • The Fourth Student - Mendhari arrives late to the gathering of students. After a slight personality clash with Kinqueduran, she and the others get to work. A long discussion of the dust bunnies is followed by a trip to the village. Iron Horse follows up the trail of rogue demons while the others investigate the suddenly bellicose Algorans. (A4, K3, M3)
    • The Sevsimtali - Caramine Rain Hunter is given an assignment: hunt down a rogue demon and discover its master and mission, then destroy it. After a long and bloody battle, he is successful. But what does all this mean? Flashback(K1)
  • In the Village - All four Sidereals reach the village and discover the panic and horror of a town besiged by two foes and forced to flee for their lives. Anstice is reunited with a former aquaintance in time to see him die. (A3, I3, K3, M4)
    • Planning the Escape - Anstice, Kinqueduran and Mendhari begin to plan the escape of the villagers and the defense of the village from the Algoran army and the roving demons beyond the walls. (A1, K1, M1)
    • Reporting to Febrisa - After destroying the Sevsimtali, Caramine Rain Hunter returns to Heaven to give Febrisa his report. Later, he meets with her again and is offered a position working with another Office part-time. Flashback(K1)
    • Researching the Demons - Febrisa assigns Caramine to research the Deathlord that summoned the Sevsimtali and the demon itself in the Great Library of Jovian Stars. Flashback(K1)
    • Meeting the Envoy - While researching in Crystal, Anstice finds an ancient message written to him that directs him to a meeting with the mysterious and death-touched Envoy. He is given the location of a storehouse of knowledge from his last life. Flashback (A1, )
    • Getting the Message - Kinqueduran recieves a summons to Heaven and takes Anstice along. The two men are given a disturbing message by Febrisa and a date is set for Ur, the capital of the Alograns. Later, they get drunk. Flashback (A1, K1, M0)
  • Red Robes - Mendhari, Anstice and Iron Horse masquerade as a thaumaturge's troupe and attempt to stall the Alogran force from destroying the village. In the attempt, they are nearly killed, though they destroy the four priests of the Algoran cult. (A5, I5, M4)
    • Arriving in Vengrad - After their nearly fatal encounter with the Friar and his followers along with their pet demons, the Sidereals regroup in the Gelidi city Vengrad for a much-needed breather and period of recovery. (A1, K1, M1)
  • Seeing Ghosts - On the road to Vengrad, there is an encounter with a vengeful spirit and the mysterious Envoy. A rendevous is set up with Envoy's master. (A4, I5, K4, M4)
    • At the Inn of Vengrad - Iron Horse, Anstice and Kinqueduran plan for the meetings they have to make and wonder about the moon. (A2, I2, K2)
  • A Dark Meeting - In the Underways of Crystal Anstice and Mendhari meet with the dark god Hades, Lord of Death. The bargain they make may affect the entire circle in ways none of them can imagine...(A6, I5, K5, M5)
    • The Secret of Mysteries - While on his way to Ur, Anstice takes advantage of a hot spring. While taking his relaxing bath, he is sucked into the Underworld to recieve the gift of Poseidon, Lord of Mystery. (A2)
    • Madness Lays Claim - In a dark cellar Kinqueduran finds himself meeting face to eyeless face with the Lord of Madness, Deimos. Reluctantly and with a good bit of attitude, Kinqueduran gives his acceptance to the dark Celestine and becomes the first Chosen of Madness. (K2)
    • The Second Meeting - Iron Horse and Kinqueduran make their way to the ancient and ruined temple-valley where they meet with Yurik the Dissolver. The great Demoness is rudely snubbed by the two men, but allows them to leave without harm. (I3, K3)
    • A Meeting of Eyes - After the meeting with the Primate-General, Anstice and Kin take a bit of time to go over recent events and take note of the changes they have undergone. (A1, K1)
  • In the City of Ur - The long-awaited meeting with the Primate-General is flashy and impressive, but goes less then well. After insulting the leader of the Empire of the Alogran People, the Sidereals are booted out of the city. (A3, I1, K3, M3)
    • Back To Febrisa - Anstice and Kinqueduran return to Yu-Shan to report to Febrisa, and recieve a less-than-warm welcome. Wayang sends a servant to bring them to the abandoned Division of Darkness where they meet a..sympathetic soul. (A1, K1)
    • Meeting Uncle Elephant - At one of Yu-Shan's more disreputable resturants, the two Sidereals get into a bit of a scuffle with Uncle Elephant before getting kicked out of Heaven. (A1, K1)
    • The House of Souls - Iron Horse meets Charon, and becomes the first Chosen of Souls. (I1)
    • Darkness Falls - Mendhari encounters the dark Celestine Hades, and a shadow falls over her. (M1)
  • Into the Underworld - The Circle begins a rather shoddily-planned trek into the Underworld. It was Anstice's idea. (A4, I3, M3, K3)
    • Reassignment - After his zeal gets the better of him, Carmine Rain Hunter is assigned to Office 6, under a new mentor, Arkadi. Flashback (K1)
    • The Saunaplex - On their first trip to Yu-Shan, Anstice and Kin spend a relaxing time in the Saunaplex and meet some very interesting people. Flashback (A1, K1)
    • A Question of Money - Burgeron, the God of Bovine Health and Vitality offers to pay for Cerilla's child support. He refuses to give a reason as to why, leaving Anstice very puzzled. Flashback (A1)
  • The Fair Lady - Guided into the Labyrinth by Charon's Ferryman servant, the Circle is taken deep into a ruined city. Sounds of a battle draw them to two Deathknights and an enchanting female ghost who once served the Daughter. The Fair Lady speaks of the Daughter before departing. (A3, I3, M3)
    • A Rough Summoning - Kinqueduran is summoned to meet with Deimos. Their discussion is enlightening at the least. He meets with Iron Horse and tells him of the events.(K3, I2)
  • The Winged Horror - In the morning comes their ride, a monsterous Hekatonkhire summoned by Deimos. The beast carries the former Sidereals to a place just outside Iron Horse's home village (A3, K3, I3, M3)
  • Returning Home - Iron Horse and the others return home to the village that raised him and finds an air of depression and fear. His father and family have decayed with the loss of his mother. He becomes determined to resolve the situation. (A3, K3, I4, M3)
  • A Wonderful Dress - After an addictivly pretty dress falls from the ceiling of the temple, the intrepid explorers begin casting spells that anger the resident Hungry Ghost of a First Age Solar. After the battle, Mendhari lays wounded and the Dress is dirty. (A3, K3, M4)
    • A Moment of Peace - Kin carried Mendhari from the temple and to a sheltered grove. While convincing her life is more important then the dress, he finds something very odd about the garment. (K1, M1)
    • Called by the Storm - For the first time since his transmutation, Anstice is visited by Posiedon through the raging rains of the storm and given instructions and chastisement. (A1)
    • A Dance of Puppets - After fleeing to the forest to recover, Anstice, Mendhari and Kin notice they are being watched by demonic puppets and begin a hurried return to the safety of the temple. (A1, K1)
    • Beginning the Journey - Iron Horse begins escorting the lovely young woman to her aunt and gets hints that the trip may have hidden meanings. (I1)
  • Departure - Iron Horse returns to the group and discovers the Chamber of Wine, across a dangerous Room of Dust. But with Mendhari wounded and his children in danger, Anstice returns to Heaven to heal Mendhari and deal with a traitor. Given the circumstances, his return has uncertain outcomes. (A3, K3, I3, M1)
  • Finding the Chamber - Iron Horse goes on a short scout run and discoveres the all-important Chamber of Wine. (Subscene to Game 13)
    • Meeting the Son - For the first time, Anstice meets one of his sons as he is escorted to give a message to Cerilla. (A1)
    • A Dusty Battle - The guardians to the Chamber of Wine emerge from the dust to combat Iron Horse and Kinqueduran. Thought the creatures grow stronger as they are killed, the two Sidereals are victorious, but at a price heavy in blood. (A1, I1)
    • The Final Journey - Iron Horse learns the truth of Vestra's destination and helps her escape her evil father and aunt. (I2)
    • Guilty Reflection - Troubled by actions he took while Anstice was in a drunken stupor, Burgeron tells the exiled Synodic that Ahlat has made a copy of him. (A1)
    • A Rude Awakening - Anstice goes to Chiaroscuro to investigate the matter of his doppleganger and is knocked out by Ahlat himself and taken to Harborhead while sleeping. There, he discovers a highly disturbing plot involving Mendhari and his duplicate! (A2)
    • Sounds in the Night - Kinqueduran ventures North for Febrisa and finds an unusual buisness venture and an altruistic guardsman. Flashback (K1)
    • A Stony Meeting - A ghostly summons brings Anstice to the farthest reaches of the East to recieve dangerous revelations from an Infernal cult. (A1)
    • Jasmine's Painting - Jaom meets Jasmine Nights and Shiro for the first time and is asked to retrive the stolen picture that was Jasmine's prize. (J1)
    • Under the Ice - Kinqueduran enters the icy haven of the yozi-slavers and makes an oath to leave, taking their many child-slaves with him in a last minute jail break. (K1)
    • Finding Lost Love - After running all the way from the North to Great Forks, Iron Horse is finally reunited with Vestra, the woman who loves him. (I1)
    • A Dangerous Team - The adventerous Jaom is saved from a bloody death at the claws of the temple guardians by an uncertain ally, Glory the Deathknight. Afterwards, they have a little chat. (J1, G1)
  • Into The Chamber - Kin and Iron Horse meet their new allies, Glory and Jaom. Together the four Exalted venture into the dangers of the Chamber of Wine. (G4, I4, J4, K4)
  • Basins and Blood - Taking a trip through the magical pond in the Chamber, the Circle finds themselves in a chamber of torture and sacrifice and witness a terrible ritual taking place. (G4, I4, J4, K4)
  • Saving the Golden Light - To find their way out of the dark temple the Circle finds a tunnel that holds lights of familiar colors and locked in stone, they find the Solar they were sent by Deimos to save from his fate. (G4, I4, J4, K4)
  • The Other Lights - Sending the Solar to safety, Jaom, Glory and Kin remain behind to gather the others the Lords demanded they rescue. Gorbin, an elderly Lunar, is saved from his silvery stone and Kin risks his life to rescue his lost partner, Nine Roads Sojourner. (G4, J4, K4)
    • The Spider's Tarnished Web - Having waited too long in an attempt to save Nine Roads, the three Exalted are trapped by the Daybreak Abyssal and his demonic minions in the tunnels of the Temple. Glory is baddly wounded and the battle is in question. (G1, J1, K1)
    • A Rest In The Cave - After fleeing the temple, the Circle greets the new year in a dark cave while they prepare to return to Iron Horse's village. (I1, J1, K1)
    • A Chat At The Inn - Resting at the Inn that Iron Horse found for them, the Circle gets to know itself. (G1, J1, K1)
    • An Unexpected Delivery - The resting Circle recieves an uncalled for order of room service brought by an old friend. Anstice brings the Circle up to date on his affairs in Heaven and beyond. Somewhat. Jaom tries on her new armor with unexpected results. (A1, G1, I1, J1, K1)
    • Duelling Over A Lack of Vision - While Glory, Jaom and Anstice talk in the Inn, Kinqueduran gets himself into a duel with the Black Veil. Her sword claims his left eye before he takes hers in return and drives her off. (K1)
    • Chatting and Patching - The Circle deals with patching up Kin and a few other, earlier, issues. (A1, G1, J1, K1)
    • A Strange Healer - Iron Horse decides to fetch a healer for Glory and Kin. Everyone else talks about things for a time. (G1, I1, J1)
    • Getting The Latest - When Kin's old mentor and friend Arkadi drops into the inn to investigate disappearing worshippers of the Diva, he meets up with the Circle and gives them the latest news on Heaven. After getting the news and trading favors with the grumpy Red, the Circle heads off to Great Forks. (A2, G2, I2, J2, K2)
    • A Little Robber - Jaom and Kin get their pockets picked upon arriving in Great Forks. (J1, K1)
    • What For An Eye? - After finding a good jeweler, Jaom gets down to bargaining for a stone. Esmerelda finally has an Eye again and introducers herself properly. (J1, I1, A1, G1)
    • A Strange Little Song - Three sisters claiming to be the sibblings of the Daughter invite Kin and Jaom into their sanctum and give dire warnings, terrible news and advise Kin to take a vacation. (J1, K1)
    • Kisses and War - When Deimos summons Kin to find out where his Solar is, the enraged Orange declares war on Deimos. With the astonished Jaom watching on, Deimos bestows his affection and blessings upon Kin before sending them both away. (J2, K2)
    • Late Night Decisions - After his uncertain experiance with Deimos, Kin asks Jaom to sing to the Sister. In his dreams, Amonia visits him and gives some advice before slipping away. Between Anstice and Glory, Kin is forced to go out on the town for a night of "fun". (K2, G1, A1)
    • Escaping His Reflection - The escape from Ahlat's temple in Harborhead is almost too easy for Anstice until he reaches the roof. The confrontation between Anstice and Anstan has some interesting results. (A2)
    • A Hairy Night Out? - The Circle goes out on the town for a bit of fun, but Kin punches a young woman and the ensuing brawl ends fairly badly. (A1, K1, J1, G1, I1)
    • A Very Strange Night? - After being seduced by a drunken Glory, Kin is very confused. When he and the others notice some physical changes in Glory the strangeness increases to epic levels. Kin and Glory decide to get married. (K2, J1, G2)
    • Another Strange Night? - Anstice and Iron Horse are brought up to speed on recent events and the planning for Kin and Glory's wedding begins. (A1, G1, I1, J1, K1)
    • The Dark Offer? - A smelly pile of laundry turns out to be a message from Hecate, the only Brother to have left the Circle alone so far. He extends an offer to Jaom, but is turned down. Much discussion follows this strange event. Kin decides to wash more often. (G1, J1, K1)
    • Big Trouble In A Little Office? - While trying to steal raw materials from Office 6, Kin and Jaom stumble upon disturbing behavior and power shifts in the Internal Affairs devision and witness the murder of a friendly Little God by a Celestial Lion. (J1, A1)
    • Rings and Weapons? - Having obtained his materials, Kin visits some local smiths to find someone able to craft him new armor and weapons. While one smith is able to make Glory a ring, only Shiro the Solar can do what Kin wishes. (K1)
  • Bonds and Babies? - On the seventh day of Glory's pregnancy, she and Kin get married at last. Two days later, their child arrives with very disturbing portents. The two stunned parents console eachother as they ponder the consequences of their daughter's message. (A3, G4, I3, J4, K5)
  • Rats and Roses (A3, G2, I2, J2)
    • Finding Saturn's Tongue? (A2, J1) - Jaom and Anstice uncover a magical pen in the Rosebush and return to the Inn where Anstice learns its secret nature!
    • Chatting with Esmerelda? (A1, J2) - The ancient Solar within Jaom's armor speaks to her and, later, Anstice to tell them many interesting things.
  • Evidence Revealed? (A5, Ar5, J5, I5) - The circle learns that Kin has been held taken prisoner in Heaven to be part of the evidence against the corrupt Celestial Lion: Bronze Sanction.
  • Before the Hearing? (A5, Ar5, J5, K5) - Ark takes the circle up to Yu-Shan so they can speak with Kin before the hearing. Kin tells the story of being eaten by the Lion and what he learned. Other information is shared.
    • Meeting Decid? (A1, J1) - Jaom meets two of Anstice's half-Dragon sons.
  • The Audit Arrives? (A5, Ar5, J5, K5) - Twining Ivy, one of Jupiter's servants, holds the long-awaited Audit and Kinqueduran is free to go. Thanks to the Circle's evidence and the Tongue of Saturn Bronze Sanction and Pernic are under investigation.
    • Meeting Durana? (K1) - Kinqueduran returns home to discover his sleepy village has been taken over by a Solar named Durana who is in reality his long-lost daughter!
    • Return to the Saunaplex? (A1, Ar1, K1, I1) - Anstice, Arkadi, Kin and Iron Horse enjoy a relaxing visit to the ever-popular Saunaplex.
  • Finding A Ride? (A5, Ar5, J5, I5, K5) - In order to get to the North where they can hopefully be more use against the Daughter, the Circle hitches a ride with Arkadi's airboat captain of a friend: Izzy.
  • Ragara and Lillun? (Ar5, J5, I5, K5) - The Circle meets Ragara and his younger sister, Lillun, when they arrive at Ragara's Retreat to warn the Dragon-Bloods of a coming demonic army. Ragara forcibly obtains the services of their airship to escape the army.
  • Lillun has a Secret? (A5, Ar5, J5, I5, K5) - It is revealed to the Circle that Lillun has knowledge of the single secret which can destroy the Daughter! But will she share her information?
  • Before the Battle, Secret Revealed!? (A5, J5, I5, K5) - The secret to destroying the Daughter is revealed! But considering how dangerous using it will be, can the Circle make good on their goal to destroy her?
    • The Battle: Kinqueduran? (A1, K5) - Kin faces off against a Second Circle Demon and its escort of minions. He survives, but barely!
    • The Battle: Arkadi? (A1, K1, J1, Ar5) - Arkadi is cornered by vicious demons and escapes victorious, but only with Kin's help.
  • On the Isle? - After the big battle in the North the Circle is taken by Ragara and Lillun to the Blessed Isle where they get rewarded! (A5, Ar5, J5, I5)
    • Seven Veils In Heaven? - Kin, Iron Horse and Arkadi are approached while in Heaven by the Unnamed Purple who reveals that she believes she is actually an Abyssal Exalted! Strange! (Ar1, I1, K1)
  • To Arms Everyone! To Arms!? - Gathered on the Isle the Circle decides it is time to take a stand and begin their offensive against the forces of evil! (Ar5, J5, I5, K5)
    • Gathering Support 1? - Kin enters Heaven and goes to Burgeron to get the bull-god's help in raising an army of divinities to defeat the Algorans in the North. (K1)
    • Gathering Support 2? - Kin goes North to meet with his daughter Durana and ask her to help against the Algorans. He decides to get to know her better when there's time. (K1)
    • Going Back North? - Arkadi and Kin go back North to Xansha's citadel to look for her stash of important stuff. They find it! (Ar1, K1)
    • In The Dreamscape? Anstice is recruited to see if he can figure out anything about Xansha's stash. He and Arkadi have mixed results. (A1, Ar1, K1)
  • The Library of Dreams? - The Circle is finally reunited after a period of two months. They meet in Xansha's old citadel and enter the secret dream-library where all her possessions are kept. They find they must get permission to take anything. Damn! (A5, Ar5, J5, I5, K5)
    • Gathering Support 3? - Kin and Burgeron meet in the frigid northlands to discuss what Burgeron has been able to find out regarding divine support for the good cause. (K1)
  • Inside the Hollow Glacier? - The circle goes to meet Rising Dusk Feathers and finds him to be a cheerful, polite old man with giant polar bears for servants. He happily gives them permission to take Xansha's stuff. (A5, Ar6, J5, I6, K5)
    • Dusk Asks For A Favor? - In return for giving the Circle his permission to use Xansha's library, Rising Dusk Feathers wants Arkadi and Iron Horse to do some jobs for him. (Ar1, I1)
    • The Investigation Begins? - Arkadi is sent by Heaven to investigate Guerdon, a southern god of trophy hunting who may be involved in the Big Conspiracy. (Ar1)
  • Christmas Comes Early? - Finally having obtained permission to access Xansha's library and armory the Circle girds itself for battle with both arms and knowledge. They begin planning their saving of the world. (A4, Ar4, J4, I4, K4)

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In-Character Documents

  • A Scribbled Note - A note written in the margins of an ancient diary Anstice copied in his training.

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