Oracle: Blood and Sex

  • Queen of Diamonds - A happy girl, promised in marriage to a gentleman, naive to the danger he represents.
  • Four of Hearts - The night each year that a certain ghost is allowed her freedom.
  • Ten of Hearts - The child of a great and renowned theologist, forced into priesthood against both inclination and nature.
  • King of Spades - A jealous and vengeful rival, who has an infamous temper and is quick to violence.


  • Morgause The dangerous gentleman Brigid is promised to, and rival to Eadmund (Char)
  • Eadmund Rival of Morgause (Shreyas)
  • Aislinn -- the ghost (Liam)
  • Malcolm the child forced into a priesthood against his will - (Elizabeth)
  • Laudegrance, the theologian (Graham)
  • --
  • the happy girl, the last descendant of the ghost - Brigid
  • priests from the priesthood
  • the head of the clergy, whichever order he's in - Anyon
  • happy girl's best friend
  • the person the rival has abused
  • The person that allows the ghost her freedom.
  • The happy girl's father - Arland


GM-Mese *

GM-Mese In this wicked age, in a verdant land beyond the spine of the world, there is a city on the river.

GM-Mese White is this city, and shining, for its people are proud and put much store in material things.

GM-Mese At the centre of the city, but not at its true heart, not for these people, lies the cathederal of their god.

GM-Mese There is a commotion here; much is being prepared. What business so hurries these people? Such urgency.

GM-Mese Here's a bald man, aging, in the robes of an idolater of high rank. He is in conversation with another man, Morgause, about their plans for another, for it is the manner of men in that land to decide things in this way.

GM-Mese "So does the girl seem willing, Morgause?"

Morgause "Oh yes, Anyon. As happy as ever a girl could be." He smiles unpleasantly, his noble if not entirely remarkable features made ugly by it.

GM-Mese "Excellent, excellent. Then the ceremony may go ahead Friday as planned?"

Morgause nods, placing his fingers neatly on his wolf-headed cane. "It shall be a grand ceremony, and I hope," he raises a brow, "that it will go smoothly. You have made sure Eadmund will be otherwise occupied, correct?"

GM-Mese "Oh necessarily. Although, I was hoping for a little help from you on that matter..."

Morgause "Do tell?"

GM-Mese "We have told Eadmund that you are riding off, alone, tonight on some errand. It is our hope we can mislead him on a wild goose chase for the duration."

GM-Mese "However, with your complicty, we can make the illusion much more compelling, no?"

Morgause chuckles, "A clever plan, Anyon" He claps the aging man on the shoulder. "Let us work out the details of it, shall we?"

GM-Mese "Very good. If you would come into my study..."

GM-Mese *

GM-Mese While men of import discuss matters of import, elsewhere, people live.

GM-Mese Here is a girl, Brigid, who is so very full of life. While men divide her future, she enjoys her present.

GM-Mese Yet she is watched. What is this spirit come to claim?

Aislinn Within Brigid's bedroom there is a hope chest -- a collection of gifts and hand-me-downs, saved against the day when Brigid would marry. In this chest, there is a silver torc, memento of a royal family long since dead.

Aislinn While that torc lies unthought-of in the chest as Brigid opens it secretly to admire the dresses and jewelry she will wear on her wedding day, a phantom duplicate adorns Aislinn's ghostly brow, as she watches Brigid lovingly, hovering over a chair.

GM-Mese Brigid breathes in as she admires the riches in the chest.

Aislinn "Brigid," Aislinn whispers quietly.

GM-Mese Brigid pauses, cocking her head to one side. Did she hear something? Probably merely the wind.

GM-Mese Meanwhile, downstairs, there is a knock at the door, a hearty one, of a man who has a clear sense of his own importance.

Aislinn smiles to herself, admiring the girl's beauty.

GM-Mese Brigid's father, a blacksmith named Arland, opens the door. He was expecting a priest for the traditional marital blessing, something these people believe is necessary.

GM-Mese Brigid lifts up the dress and inspects it critically, holding it against herself. She wishes she had a mirror.

Aislinn "Oh, that's cute. Maybe a little big on you. You don't have my hips."

GM-Mese THAT wasn't the wind, she thinks. She doesn't turn around, however.

Laudegrace Laudegrace mounts the stairs. "Put the dress down," he says, with authority.

Aislinn blinks in surprise and dives into the bed.

Laudegrace smiles

GM-Mese Aislinn turns this time. "Prior Laudegrace!"

GM-Mese "I thought I heard...."

Laudegrace "Heard?"

GM-Mese Running up behind, Brigid's father Arlans runs in. "Your righteousness, I must protest...."

Laudegrace turns

Laudegrace "Then protest"

Aislinn peeks out of the bedframe while Laudegrace isn't looking.

GM-Mese Arland splutters for words "...well, she could... she might have... you can't just burst in like this, blessing or no!"

GM-Mese Brigid catches the movement by her bed.

Laudegrace catches the movement too

Aislinn widens her eyes and slips back into hiding.

Laudegrace "What was that?"

Laudegrace "Something moved. What was it?"

GM-Mese Brigid says nothing, but she does carefully replace the dress in the box.

Laudegrace takes the dress and tears it/

GM-Mese Brigid tires to prevent him taking it, whipping it away from him and dashing away..

Aislinn bursts out of the bed, flies through the dress and suddenly solidly pushes Laudegrance away from it.

GM-Mese Yelping, scared by all the sudden movement, Brigid huigs the dress to herself and runs from the room past her stammering, useless father.

Aislinn plants her feet, staring exasperatedly after Brigid, and locks Laudegrace in an angry gaze, pointing a ghostly finger at him. "Listen, if you have a problem with me, that's fine, but I want you to stay away from my great-great-great-granddaughter. She didn't do anything to hurt you. Is that clear?"

Laudegrace looks back in her eyes. She sees an old man, flinching, unsure of what he stands for.

Laudegrace "That is clear."

Aislinn relaxes and then looks a little sheepish. "So I don't suppose I can go back in the bed now and we can pretend you never saw me?"

GM-Mese Fresh from his mild humiliation at the hands of spirits of the deased, the prior has a plan.

GM-Mese He meets his son, Malcolm, whom he is forcing into the priesthood, in his dingy dormitory in the seminary.

Malcolm rubs the bridge of his nose, tired after a long night of pouring over the scriptures. "Father, this is.. as pleasant a surprise as one could want. What brings you to visit?"

Laudegrace "What do you understand of the scriptures, son?", says Laudegrace, sitting on a stool.

Malcolm "More than the commoner, but less than a priest, I fear. I have been studying dilligently, though; but these things do not come easily." His deferential smile wavers a bit.

Laudegrace "I thought so," says Laudegrace.

Laudegrace "I have arranged for you to leave this place."

Laudegrace He begins to pack Malcolm's clothing into a trunk.

Malcolm 's eyes brighten for a moment, before he remembers to control his face. The surprise in his voice is still quite evident. "I, ah.. well. If this is what you think is best, father; I wish only to please you."

Malcolm "What calling would you have me pursue instead?"

Laudegrace looks in Malcolm's eyes.

Laudegrace "I think you know, in your heart."

Malcolm feels his heart sink. "I am.. going to a different seminary?"

Laudegrace Laudegrace pushes Malcolm against the window.

Laudegrace "Aside of all this. What do you want to do?"

Laudegrace The glass on the window begins to crack.

Malcolm "I.. I.." He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment. "I want to be a painter."

Laudegrace "...yes"

Laudegrace "A painter. That is all you are."

Malcolm "I am also your son."

Laudegrace pushes Malcolm through the window, so that he falls, his bones shattering on the courtyard below.

GM-Mese **

GM-Mese *

GM-Mese Such happy families in this land, are they not?

GM-Mese Not content with inflicting bodily injury upon his own son, the prior then concocted further shemes - he would head to that haunted house the next day, and attempt to exorcise the spirit who had so humbled him...

GM-Mese The crippled son, Malcolm, came with him, family loyalty for the moment outweighing even the most brutal of violence.

Laudegrace Laudegrace holds a flaming brand and advances on the house.

Laudegrace He knows, in his heart, that what he is doing is right with his god, and that comforts him.

Malcolm In the firelight, Malcolm's face is a spiderweb of gashes which are freshly-scabbed. He'd be wincing in concern, if the pain weren't so great. He follows his father mutely.

Laudegrace Laudegrace throws his brand into the thatch of the house. In moments, the house is ablaze.

Malcolm "Are you sure no one else is home?" Malcolm manages.

Aislinn , lounging uncomfortably in Brigid's bedroom, hears the rustling of the thatch and floats instantly towards the torch, but comes up short with a snap as she reaches the limit of her astral tether.

Aislinn watches helplessly, fingering the hilt of her sword, as the house burns down around her, until the last bit of filigree on the silver torc melts away. In a flash, she is gone.