Kerberan Descent

Selected Club Members (the PCs)

Experience Page - experience!
Strange Fate - A quick page for FATE rules

Rules, Extras and the Cafeteria

Handouts and Setting Information

  • Gates Of Hades - a brief overview of the club, notable members and some of its secrets...
  • Rogues Gallery - the motley assortment of Strangers that Club Members might run across while 'looking into things.'
  • Strange Times - a look at some of the more notable, and strange, events that have touched Victorian London.
  • Age Of Steam - a glimpse at some of the wonders, strange and marvelous both, that have gripped this Age.
  • Right And Proper - the society of the time, from the underclass to the court of her Majesty, Victoria Divinus!

This game run by CrownedSun.