A large world-spanning empire, governed not by democracy or autocracy but by the Martial Arts. Various provinces of the Empire send representatives to the Emperor's Court to fight for standing amidst the Clans and under Heaven. Clans constantly rise and fall in power, some rising to in the esteem of Heaven and others leaving Capital in disgrace. New clans are born or arrive in Capital hoping to prove themselves, while old clans wield their influence like a blade and fight ancient and never-ending feuds with one another. Empowered by the distant figure of the Emperor, the Clans stand bright in the foreground, astride the Empire as great powers. In the background, the vast Eunuch Bureaucracy manages the Empire from its lowly and often ignored place at the base of the social order - yet that doesn't make their schemes to retain the considerable power they wield any lessened. Some even dare to challenge the Emperor himself, claiming the Mandate of Heaven themselves and rising to power over the world.