New Beginnings

an Exalted^2 Game
for the Solar Exalted

Campaign Overview

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Previous Storyline: After their meeting with Michaes, the Solars traveled to the home of the Five Peoples, a border zone just a ways outside the Hundred Kingdom where Skyla was born. When they arrived they found the traditional tribes displaced, the slave-taking Takanni in their place, and upon making contact with one of the shamans of the tribes discovered what they were expected to do -- and tantalizing clues as to their future. The Circle faced much conflict: Conflict with Mercenaries in the employ of the Guild, yet another Slave Revolt which took a Slave Citadel down with it, the sinking of a veritable fleet of Guild Ships, and even conflicts with Deathknights and the minions of the Quiet One. See Recent Events for more information.

  Campaign Calendar: 14th of Ascending Air, RY 769.
  Current Downtime: At least a month?

Current Storyline: The Circle has spent several seasons trying to follow Anastaria's advice and look toward the future. Now that their East Provincial Alliance is more reality than theory, and gaining in both solidarity and power, they've managed to achieve for themselves some measure of a safe haven. Or at least, a place where the threats arrayed against them aren't as obvious.

Current Quote: "He started with the oldest, at 9 and ...worked his way down to infants. He butchered them. Without pity. ...mind raped their families into submission so they wouldn't fight him..."