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Nerds, Saving the World, One Session at a Time

The characters in The Game are "normal" human beings, just like you and me. They're smart, imaginative people who are perhaps a little overweight and who like to spend several hours a week pretending to be Elves, Vampires, or Cyborg Assassins. They don't have exciting jobs -- if they work at the local newspaper, itís probably in the mailroom or maybe the archives. They live in scummy little apartments, crammed in some civil-war era house with seventeen other people or with their parents. They all have one thing in common: they're in the same gaming group.

These are our heroes?

The threats they are up against are anything but normal. There are worse things in this world than maddened serial killers and hidden terrorist cells. Exiled gods walk upon the earth, demons lurk in the empty space behind the mirror, and aliens work unceasingly toward some mysterious end. The secret masters themselves hide at the center of the spider web, slowly working their way to absolute domination of the world. There is no one left to stop them...

...well, almost no one.

Why them? Who can truly answer such questions? Maybe it is just some accident of fate, or a cosmic joke at the hands of a malevolent creator. Regardless, they're not entirely helpless before the threats that they will shortly be thrust amidst. Each of them possesses some useful talent or skill; maybe they are on the fencing team in college, or are going for their Ph D? in Physics. It will not be enough, it will not be nearly enough, but it might just give them enough time. Time to improve themselves, time to become a thorn in the enemies sides, mayhap even time to gain the attention of a powerful patron.

Nobodies going to believe this on RP Gnet?...