Dreamers in the Age of Greatness and Progress

Year: 1870
Place: London, England
Location: Kerberos Club
Mission: To seek out adventure, or at least a good time, and perhaps save the empire in the middle of the whole thing.

The Cleaners (Player Characters):

  • Mathias Cronqvist - Dracula, Master of Death, God of the Chaos that came before.
  • Euryale Kensington - Medusa, she of the petrifying gaze, twice transformed beauty.
  • Tombadil - "Thomas Bombadil", a Pixie, and a Marxist Theorist and Revolutionary.
  • Alyce Wodden - The little matchgirl who sells destruction and sorrow for blood money.
  • Brennus - The Raven Prince, child of Morrigan.
  • Princess Neferura - The ancient mummy, left to the cruel sands of time, revived into a new world.
  • Kalare - Girl of ancient times, frozen and thawed back to life.

Supporting Characters:

Antagonists and Villians:

  • Ivy Belmont - Last in the great line of Vampire Slayers.

Minor Characters