Name: Niha al'Asmir
Description: Insert description here later

Character Sheet


 High Concept: Questing for a Lost Family Legacy.
 Trouble: I owe a lot to Kematu and his Company.
 Aspect: al'Asmir used to be a name you could trust in Hammerfell (and Beyond).
 Aspect: It's cold and snowy and I don't want to be here...
 Aspect: "This is cool! How can I kill people with it...?"


 Great (+4): Fight.
 Good (+3): Athletics, Empathy.
 Fair (+2): Alteration, Notice, Will.
 Average (+1): Physique, Lore, Rapport, Crafts.


  • al'Asmir Family Transmutation Secrets (x2): You can use your Alteration skill to use the Create Advantage action by transmuting and adapting various items.
  • Shifting Footing: You have a +2 to Athletics rolls to Create An Advantage in combat, specifically by taking advantage of your sure footing and nimble nature.
  • Haggler: You have a +2 to Rapport rolls to engage in business negotiations with Merchants and/or Bureaucrats.

Other Stats & Stuff

Refresh: 2

  • Physical Stress: [1] [2] [3]
  • Mental Stress: [1] [2] [3]


  • [mild] [moderate] [severe]

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