State of Grace

This is power.
This is magic.

The Awakened (the PCs)

Handouts and Setting Information

  • Political Nonsense - a brief overview of the political realities of the setting.
  • Buncha Cabals - a whole bunch of cabals (and two Pylons), in brief overview.
  • Consilium History - a brief discussion of the settings mysterious and convoluted history.
  • Notable Notables - a list of movers and shakers and other figures of importance.
  • Magical Arizona - a list of locations and what not of some setting import!
  • Campaign Map -- Google Map where we keep track of stuff.

House Rules - Small Changes to the official Rules
Cheat Sheet - Quick Reference rules and other miscellanea.
Conditions And Tilts - Another Reference

This game run by CrownedSun.