Notable Notables

The Dark Brood

Emerald City Freehold

The Diamond

The Silver Ladder

  • Head of the Pig Iron Twelve, and Lictor, Wraith?--
    • Viridian?, member of the Twelve and a Sister,--
    • Laith?, "Lion," a long-standing member of the Twelve. Turkish of Descent.
    • The Goth, a Mastigos with interest in Mage-centric Temenos realms.
  • Quarter?, former Free Councilor and member of the Final Count legacy (which deals with Numerology/Math-Magic),-- one of the Founders, aka, a member of the Needle and Thorn Society.
  • Omen?, a member of the Bene Ashmedai and a Founder,--
  • Prosperine?, a member of the Legacy that Courtney is vaguely earmarked for,--

The Mysterium

  • Aurum?, Hierophant of the local Mysterium Caucus, based out of Seattle.
    • In something of a vendetta-type thing with Albion, from the Freebooters.
  • Censor of Vault 4117, Tyche?,--
    • Celestine, one of Tyche's Cabal,-- knows a lot about Soulstones,-

Free Council

  • Albion?, leader of the Freebooters Cabal,-- posed as a Groundskeeper on Jackie's Estate to keep track of a powerful Hallow--
    • Jack Harlow?, "The Great Yogi" aka John Dee, who lures wealthy impressionable women into his service.
    • Terpsichore?, male exotic dancer and sometimes a 'walking man' for well placed women to take as a charming (platonic) date.
    • Peluda?, a member of the Bene Ashmedai,--
  • Hieronymite of the LA Assembly - Mage behind the assembly of the records surrounding the Diamond hidden in the pages of Princess of the Azure City. His book is still treasured by Harriet.

Seers of the Throne

  • Argus Panoptes?, aka Argos, is the most powerful Seer in Seattle and a Tetrarch of Panopticon. A third-degree Master intent on crossing the Threshold, Argos delegates most of the day-to-day tasks toward the two Pylons that answer to him and focuses instead on the Mysteries that currently consume him. In particular, he seems to devote a great deal of time toward understanding the various divergent timelines that interact with Seattle and is perhaps the most knowledgeable being in the City with regard to that Mystery.
  • Minerva Hall?, leader of the Hall Family and Janissary to the Tetrarch,--

The Realm of the Diamond

  • the Chamberlain,--
  • the Archivist,--
  • the Head Maid,--
  • the Chevalier,--

Former Bearers of the Diamond

  • Henry Irons,

Other Assorted Astral Spirits

  • The Weaver,