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Character Description: A little over six feet, and skinny as a rail, Siet looks like a teenager who grew older, but just never grew into his body. He has tawny skin, a short crop of dark brown hair, and a grab-bag of facial features that make him seem like with the right clothes and accent he might pass for any number of ethnicities. He tends to wear neutral tones, jeans and shirts that don't make him stand out. He's twitchy, with the look of someone


Siet Abernathi (Amarok) Ex-runaway trying to find his place VIRTUE VICE Protective Coward HUNGER LEGEND Punishment Cunning HORROR LIFE Vengeful Prey Shy

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 2 Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1 Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 3

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics 1 Athletics 3 Animal Ken 2 Computer Brawl 4 Empathy Crafts Drive Expression Investigation 2 Firearms Intimidation 2 Medicine 1 Larceny 2 Persuasion Occult 1 Stealth 2 Socialize Politics Survival 1 Streetwise 2 Science Weaponry Subterfuge 1

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Athletics: Running Stealth: Urban Academics: Household Management

	--------------------	STATS	--------------------

Health 7 Willpower 6 Speed 6 Defense 6 Armor 0 Initiative +6 Lair 3 Satiety 4


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Merits & Flaws

Anonymity *

Siet doesn't have a lot of paperwork associated with his face. (-1 to attempts to find character via paper/electronic trail)

Danger Sense **

He's used to being stalked, and can rarely be surprised any more. (+2 to detect ambush, if roll succeeds initiative becomes attacker’s +1 and +2 defense for the first turn)

Direction Sense *

He doesn't get lost in urban environments. (Aware of direction and never has penalties to navigate)

Fleet of Foot *

Siet gets into trouble a lot, and his preferred method of dealing with it is running away. (+1 speed, -1 to opponent’s pool when pursuing in a footrace)

Indomitable **

He's got a slippery mind for some reason...(+2 to contest supernatural mind-influencing effects (or -2 to their pool if it’s resisted))

Parkour (style) **

Siet has been in urban environments most of his life, and knows how to get away from someone without hurting himself.

Flow (•): -3 to successes needed to evade a pursuer, ignore 3 dots of env. penalties to athletics
Cat Leap (••): 1 auto sx to mitigate falling damage, +3 to damage levels that can be removed
Wallrun (•••): Without rolling, your character scales10 feet + five feet per dot of Athletics as an instant action, rather than the normal 10 feet
Safe Place *

The group safe place


From the Shadows (Instant, N/A)
Normal: Can’t be seen in crowds of 10+ people, can roll stealth even when being observed
Low Satiety: Stealth and stalking prey is Rote, automatically goes first in initiative (if more than one go first effect, roll off as normal)
Spend: Completely camouflaged for the scene, can act but attacking exposes for one turn. Supernatural detection methods = clash of wills
Perfect Target (Reflexive, N/A)
Normal: +Lair (+1) to all social rolls involving looking like a victim, always has at least a good first impression
Low Satiety: Exceptional successes to social rolls are 3 instead of 5, and opening a Door imposes the Charmed condition (but dramatic failure results in a hostile impression and -Lair to all rolls for the rest of the chapter)
Spend: Impose an appropriate condition on the target representing obsession with tracking down or hunting the Beast (Obsession, Paranoid, Addiction, or something else appropriate, supernaturals resist with their resistance trait). In addition, ignore penalties up to Lair dots when forcing Doors, and failure to force Doors does not stop further Social maneuvering
Relentless Hunter (Reflexive, N/A)
Normal: Regenerate 1b/turn, 1l/half hour, 1a/three days, add Lair to resist poison, can stay awake for 10-Satiety days without fatigue
Low Satiety: Downgrade 2x Lair dots of damage at the end of any scene of taking damage, do not need to eat, drink, or rest if actively pursuing hunger
Spend: Can heal Lair dots of any damage instantly, can’t be stunned or incapacitated for the rest of the scene, suffers no wound penalties until death (only from aggravated)
Limb From Limb (Reflexive, N/A)
Normal: Can apply Leg or Arm Wrack after single attack inflicts more damage than target's stamina, decapitates if this kills them outright
Low Satiety: Unarmed does + Lair Lethal
Spend: Next attack is aggravated damage
Unsettling Grin (Reflexive, N/A)
Normal: The Beast singles a target out for special intimidation, even within a crowd. All social attacks against a chosen target during a scene are dismissed by outside observers as harmless. Furthermore, the Beast adds his lair dots to all attempts to intimidate the victim, and may intimidate and apply Hard Leverage at a distance, without the need to exchange words with the chosen target.
Low Satiety: The Beast becomes more frightening to the victim. He may inflict the Frightened condition to force the victim to run, or the Immobile tilt on the chosen victim so long as he only spends his turn maintaining eye contact and moving towards or away from them.
Spend: The Beast lets his Horror reveal itself to the victim. The Beast may inflict the Stunned condition to the victim on a successful intimidation roll, as well as a version of Blinded that the victim may only focus on the Beast. Furthermore, intimidation rolls count as exceptional successes on three successes


You will Submit (Shared Nightmare - Harriet, Wits + Satiety vs Resolve + Tolerance)

Your problems are overwhelming and too much for you. Only by bending knee and admitting your powerlessness to a higher power may they be solved.

Normal: The victim is convinced that they are utterly incapable of standing against the beast. They must make an act of submission towards the beast (kneeling, bowing, running away, etc) and may not directly oppose their actions.
High Satiety: The victim sees the beast as the only one capable of helping them. Others may, at best, only create temporary safety. The beast may use their aid as soft leverage for any Social maneuvering against the target.
Spend: The victim feels the need to appease the beast in order to gain their aid. The beast may spend satiety dots up to the number of successes on their roll; for each point spent they may gain access to one dot of Social merit that the victim offers. The beast must make some effort to provide protection to the victim in exchange, though exactly how much is up to the GM's discretion.
Exceptional: The victim also gains the Broken condition
You Will Never Rest (Wits + Satiety vs Stamina + Tolerance)
Normal: Victim gains Fatigued condition (+24hrs if already awake).
High Satiety: Every success counts as +24 more hours awake for fatigue, attempts to wake victim are chance die, and no WP regained from sleep
Spend: Target has Frightened condition and can add Wits circumstances that will trigger it
Exceptional:-2 to rolls to remain awake
Your Preparation is Meaningless (Shared Nightmare - Mages, Presence+ Satiety vs Resolve + Tolerance)

Anti-magery, TBD.

High Satiety:


Heart – A twisted urban maze, dim and foggy with misty rain obscuring sight. Buildings stick out at odd angles and the path frequently ends. It feels like a deep forest, except with metal and concrete.
Traits: Fog (Minor, perception & ranged attacks are at -1/10 ft away), Maze (Minor, need int + composure -3 to navigate), Echoing (-3 auditory perception), Disruption (Some sort of jamming going on - electronics die, guns jam, cars won't start at dramatic moments)
Jackie's Hedge Maze – A messed-up version of the hedge maze, with the hedges growing wild and tall, choking unwelcome visitors
Traits: Maze (Minor, need int + composure -3 to navigate), Undergrowth (Strength+Athletics - durability to move through)
Black Sun Sculpture – A weird sculpture in the park draws the eye... surrounded by open terrain, unable to find rest from the horrors that have happened here. It's... deceptively inviting. Which makes it horrifying.
Traits: Fog (Minor, perception & ranged attacks are at -1/10 ft away), Exposed (No cover allowed)
Maddox's Estate - A manor filled with endless rooms, where the screams of the dying are always in the distance
Traits: Sealed Exit, Echoing
Hotel Penthouse - A penthouse suite in LA
Traits: Sealed Exit, Maze (maybe?)
           ---------  Garden Maze ----------
          |                |                |
      Sculpture   ----   Estate    ---    Hotel


Danger Sense, Advanced' **