a place to store the Secrets and Mysteries that mark our Mage-ly game

  • Third Eye?, a serial killer who has been striking the cities Occult Community, picking people off one by one.
  • The Dreamer, a mystery from the Old Game, which I might use for something else in this one...

Signature Nimbus

  • Just a place to put, you know, Signature Nimbii that the characters run across...
  • ''Also, similar kind of stuff might go here, I'll decide as I put things here.

People The Cabal Knows

  • Louise Carver Abernathi - mother of Harriet Irons; adopted mother of Siet Abernathi
    • was a fairly important Police Officer until her husbands murder by the Bastard Cat; was disabled not long after.
    • served out in various capacity until she was able to get her pension bump and is now a civilian
  • Jack Harlow? - the Great Teacher, a yogi and guru, purveyor of enlightenment
    • Mastigos and member of the Free Council
  • Misha Volkov - a lithe and muscled Russian woman who works as an enforce for the Mob.
    • Eshmaki with a Hunger for Prey: Misha prefers to chase down her Prey, letting them think they've gotten away again and again, until they near collapse from exhaustion.
    • Eventual Love Interest for Siet, most likely, and another Beast--
      • Member of a Brood?
  • Harrison Grant - midlist Author and victim of the Mysterium