Greater Seattle

Diamonds & Pentacles: Seattle

Three Wise Men: Bainbridge

Arrow & Trident: Everett

War Zone: Tacoma

After the devastating loss of Seattle in '79, it didn't even take a month for the Assembly to reconvene in Tacoma and formally declare against the Seers of the Throne that had killed so many of their brethren. It's a ruling that has never been officially overturned, and indeed the Free Council cabals in and around the region still irregularly run raids on local Seer Strongholds, a level of hostility that has always been returned in kind. While initially convened during the Interregnum, the Tacoma Assembly is now indisputably the regional center of the Free Council in the Pacific Northwest, which despite the setbacks and threats that it's faced over the past 40 years continues to stand proud, tall, and defiant.

Most of Seattle knows the Tacoma Assembly due to the efforts of Badb, the Emissary who maintains regular contact between the Tacoma Assembly and their allies in the Consilium. She focuses most of her networking on keeping in contact with Seattle Councilors, "getting out the vote" during Assembly meetings and maintaining the lines of communication, but she also devotes more than the fair term of her attention to coordinating various war-efforts against the Seers (and the Council's other enemies). Excelsior and Luna serve the Assembly as Minutemen primarily assigned to Seattle, constantly on guard against Seer aggression and available to help any Councilor that finds himself in a rough-spot and needs some help from the Order, while Sea-Tac obstinately serves the Council as a Citizen Agent in charge of keeping a close watch on everything that happens in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Anyone who has ever followed a Mystery to the Airport suspects that the old Moros is just territorial & obsessed with the Airport and highly doubt that he passes half of what he knows on to his Assembly.

The Assembly's politics are largely dominated, of course, by the Syndics. Most notable of these for most Seattleites is probably Lovelace, the leader of the (Death to) Micro$uck cabal, who inherited her old Master's hatred of the Seers of the Throne in general and the Ministry of Pantechnicon in particular. The most hawkish of the Free Council in the region, her influence is not insignificant and most every hostile move against Bellevue by the Council has her fingerprints on it, though most suspect her ambitions go far beyond simply driving the Throne out of the region. Sealth, by contrast, stands out as a voice of reason and restraint in even the most energized Assembly, and on those occasions when he chooses to speak can sway large sections of the electorate. The old master views Seattle as holding utmost important to the Free Council and always balances his decisions around a love of the city and his desire to see it free of the Throne. Morrigan, Litochoro, and Richard Winter round out the Syndics; Morrigan and Winter are both Tacoma natives who put the safety of the Caucus as a whole first, while the Mountain Walker tends to be a bit of a swing vote.

Old Khagan, now 80, still serves as Strategos and is officially in charge of the destruction of the Seers of the Throne in Bellevue and Mt. Rainer. The old man has passed most of the day-to-day effort of managing the Free Councilor's unending war against the Lie to younger hands, though, instead devoting his time to the study of more elusive mysteries. Rumor has it that, before the most recent crisis, he was looking to pass on his position to someone else (or see it quietly retired,) but for the time being at least he remains officially in charge of the Free Council.

Mystery: As if things in Tacoma weren't hot enough for the Free Council, the locals have recently been attacked by bizarre mirror-like entities of uncertain nature. One mage has already died in these attacks, and several more have been injured, the Assembly still isn't sure exactly what is happening or why. The entire incident has the locals in a bit of a tiff, and to make matters worse, the Seers have sensed the distraction and launched a few spoiling attacks while the Libertines are trying to get their house back in order. The Consilium has pledged to help their allies as their able, but given Seattle's recent issues with the Third-Eye Killer, the Assembly suspects that they'll have to deal with this on their own.

Dragon's Nest: Victoria

Under the Eye: Bellevue

Councilor's Thorn: Redmond

The General's Shield: Mt. Rainer

Northern Mysteries: Vancouver

Broken City: Portland