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Character Description: Still-famous star of "Grace Under Fire", Jackie has fallen far since her days as a child star.


Jackie Fuhrman (Circe) Former Child Star VIRTUE VICE Open Petty PATH/ORDER LEGACY Thrysus (None) None
MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 2 (+2) Strength 2 (+2) Presence 3 (+2) Wits 2 (+2) Dexterity 3 (+2) Manipulation 4 Resolve 2 Stamina 2 (+2) Composure 1
MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics * Athletics **** Animal Ken Computer * Brawl Empathy * Crafts * Drive * Expression **** (+2) Investigation (+2) Firearms Intimidation * Medicine Larceny Persuasion ** Occult ** (+4) Stealth Socialize *** Politics ** Survival Streetwise Science * Weaponry Subterfuge *


Politics: Showbuisness
Expression: Acting
Socialize: Formal Events


  1. Get Back Into Showbusiness

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 7/7
 Wisdom: 7
 Gnosis: 5 (+2d/reach)
 Willpower: 3/3
 Mana: 15/15 (5 per turn)

 Size: 5
 SF: 5

 Defense: 5
 Initiative: 4
 Speed: 10

Mage Modifiers & Traits

 Arcana: Life 5, Prime 1, Space 1, Spirit 1, Time 1
 Rote Specialties: None.
 # of Yantras: 4
Dedicated Magical Tool: Leather pouch filled with seeds
Jagged rock from the Astral Plane
Lunargent/hermium over black cloth choker with red glass beads. - +2 Yantra to shapeshifting magics, and magics to see other times/places/spirits/across the Gauntlet
->Nimbus: Wild growth of roses that gives +1 to Stamina and +1 to Socialize.
Praxis (your signature spells - exceptional success on 3)
  • Momentary Flux (Time 1; pg. 187)
  • Gremlins (Spirit 1; pg. 180)
  • Mutable Mask (Life 2; pg. 149)
  • Wild Growth (Life 2; custom)
Rotes (the spells you've learned - add skill as yantra, extra reach)
  • Pierce Deception (Prime 1; pg. 165; Occult)
  • Correspondence (Space 1; pg. 172-73; Empathy)
  • Body Control (Life 2; pg. 148-149; Athletics)
  • Honing the Form (Life 3; pg. 150; Athletics)
  • Transform Life (Life 3; Pg 150; Science)
  • Shapechanging (Life 4; pg Athletics)
Attainments (Level 4):

Life: Body Autonomy
The mage’s body is a temple, and cannot be altered, harmed, or affected without her consent. Any incoming magical effect that would change her physical body can be immediately countered. System: The mage can reflexively use this Attainment under the following circumstances:
• She is the target of a supernatural power that would alter her physical body in some way.
• She is the target of a supernatural power that would injure her.
• She is the target of an attack that would place a Personal Tilt on her (Arm Wrack, Blind, etc.).
The mage is immediately aware when one of the above circumstances applies, and may protect herself by spending a point of Mana. The character enters a Clash of Wills with the intruding power, using her Gnosis + Life.

Merits & Flaws

Fame 2, Jackie is the famous former-star of "Grace Under Fire."


  • 2xp for Occult +1
  • 6xp and 2axp for Life 3 & 4
  • 1xp for Shapechanger rote
  • 2xp rotes

Spells (Full)


Gremlins (Spirit •)
Practice: Compelling Primary Factor: Potency Suggested Rote Skills: Larceny, Politics, Subterfuge
Just as the spirit of an object can be coaxed to help, it may also be coaxed to hinder. When a character fails a roll using this spell’s subject as equipment, the spell converts the failure into a dramatic failure. The spell converts a number of failures equal to its Potency. If the object’s user is a player’s character, the player gains a Beat as normal.
+1 Reach: As long as the object is within sensory range, the mage can choose which failures become dramatic failures.

Momentary Flux (Time •)
Practice: Knowing Primary Factor: Potency Suggested Rote Skills: Investigation, Streetwise, Survival
The mage can sense whether a subject will prove beneficial or baneful in the most likely future. The mage can see whether the stranger crossing the street to approach her at night is as threatening as he seems, or whether he has come to offer advice, for example. The spell itself does not tell the mage exactly what will happen, only whether it will prove good or bad for her. The stranger may augur as a bad omen for her; this could be due to his malicious intent — or maybe he’s running from some danger, or even carrying a cold.
Although often used to assess potential dangers, mages can cast this spell with themselves as the only subject, assessing whether their own actions will help or harm them.
Mages with Time •• may use the Temporal Sympathy Attainment to cast this spell on a subject in the past, but the spell still reveals positive or negative outcomes for the future. The spell is Withstood by temporal sympathy.
+1 Reach: When reacting to the information gained from this spell, the mage gains a bonus to Initiative equal to Potency.

Mutable Mask (Life ••)
Practice: Veiling Primary Factor: Duration Withstand: Stamina Suggested Rote Skills: Medicine, Stealth, Subterfuge
The mage may alter her subject’s apparent features, albeit only cosmetically and temporarily. She can change skin pigments, phenotypical features, apparent sex, or hair color and texture; add or subtract small fat deposits; or change the sound of the subject’s voice. Distinguishing features like scars and moles can be added or removed. Even at its most extreme, the changes wrought by this spell still leave the subject somewhat resembling her original form. If someone were to compare the masked and regular appearances side by side, they might notice an almost familial resemblance (even if the two are of obviously different races), but the changes are enough to fool facial recognition devices, sketch artists, or even change the subject’s scent enough to throw off tracking animals. Some biometric devices, such as fingerprint scanners, will still detect the difference. She cannot mimic specific people with this basic spell. The changes brought on by this spell are illusionary, and some supernatural powers (including Life Mage Sight) may see through them with a successful Clash of Wills.
+2 Reach: The mage can duplicate the appearance of a specific person, including scars and fingerprints.


Pierce Deception (Prime •)
Practice: Unveiling Primary Factor: Duration Suggested Rote Skills: Investigation, Medicine, Occult
Prime is the Arcanum of pure Truth, and no falsehood may stand before it. By means of this spell, the subject sees illusions, phantasms, and lies for what they are. The spell sees through mundane falsehoods the subject perceives automatically; magical illusion or deception automatically provokes a Clash of Wills.
This spell only reveals “active” untruths: the subject would see that someone with dyed hair isn’t really a blonde, or recognize a lie when she heard it, but she wouldn’t know that a Wall Street executive has been committing tax fraud for years just by looking at him. If she got a look at his tax return, however, she would see that it was a falsehood.
+1 Reach: In addition to sensing falsehoods, the subject gets some symbolic sense of what the actual truth is, veiled in Supernal symbolism and metaphor.

Correspondence (Space •)
Practice: Knowing Primary Factor: Potency Suggested Rote Skills: Academics, Empathy, Medicine
We are all of us defined by our connections, and through this spell a mage learns those definitions. For every level of Potency, the mage learns one of the subject’s sympathetic links. The spell reveals the subject’s oldest and strongest links first. She understands these connections in the same manner the subject thinks of them (e.g. “my childhood home,” not “1414 Willowbrook Drive, Columbus, OH”). If the other half of the sympathetic link is within the mage’s sensory range, she knows that and knows its exact location.
+1 Reach: The mage can “follow” a trail of sympathetic links. When she learns of one of her initial subject’s sympathetic connections, she may choose to learn one of that subject’s connections, and so on. For example, she might follow a wedding ring to its owner, then its owner’s spouse, then the spouse’s place of employment.
+1 Reach: The mage understands the emotional character of the connection in broad terms. “My childhood home” might carry notes of comfort and safety or fear and loathing, depending on the subject’s upbringing.
+2 Reach: The mage may specify the connections she wishes to uncover in general terms (“an object with a strong link to his childhood”) or (“those she hates”). Again, the knowledge is contextualized based on the subject’s perceptions.
+2 Reach: If the subject is a Keyed spell or Iris (p. 243), the mage may use one level of Potency to discover the Key instead of a link.

Body Control (Life ••)
Practice: Ruling Primary Factor: Duration Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Survival
With this spell a mage can control her subject’s bodily functions to a degree that would make even the most inwardly- focused monks envious. She can do far more than slow heart rate; she can control her subject’s metabolism, heighten reflexes, and consume less oxygen. For the spell’s Duration, each level of Potency gives one rank in each of the following:
Breathing: Each rank slows down the subject’s breathing, halving the amount of oxygen she needs to function normally.
Heartbeat: By slowing down the subject’s heartbeat, she can double the interval at which a toxin affects her.
Metabolism: Regulating the subject’s metabolism allows her to subsist on half as much food, and doubles the amount of time between checks for deprivation or fatigue.
Reflexes: Add +1 to the subject’s Initiative.
Scent: The mage can change the subject’s scent to any that her body could naturally produce, eliminating (or increasing) odors, controlling pheromone release.
Each level of Potency also halves the healing time of bashing wounds by controlling internal bleeding, preventing bruises or helping them to heal quickly. With Potency 3, for example, she would recover one bashing wound per minute.
+1 Reach: The subject also gains 1/0 armor for the spell’s Duration as her body becomes much more resistant to minor injuries.
+2 Reach: The subject also halves the healing time for lethal damage for each level of Potency.

Honing the Form (Life •••)
Practice: Perfecting Primary Factor: Duration Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Survival
The mage may improve the subject’s Physical Attributes. The spell increases Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina (chosen when the spell is cast) by its Potency. This increase affects any Advantages or other traits derived from the Attribute’s level. The effects are subtle in appearance; the affected target doesn’t grow or gain any obvious muscle mass, but observers can detect even subtle hints of changes to balance, strength, or stamina. The affected Attribute cannot be raised the subject’s maximum Attribute dots (5 for normal human beings). +1 Reach: The spell affects an additional Attribute, dividing the spell’s Potency between both. This effect may be applied twice to affect all three Attributes. +1 Reach: By spending a point of Mana, the mage may raise an Attribute above the maximum rating for the subject

Shapechanging (Life ••••)
Practice: Patterning Primary Factor: Potency Withstand: Stamina Suggested Rote Skills:Athletics, Animal Ken, Science, Survival
Take on the form of another creature. Clothes and gear do not change with you. Instincts of the new form may need to be resisted with a Composure + Resolve roll
Add Matter 4: Gear changes with you to fit the new form

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Iw-JmrWWjbqSWVoIl7dDcGSIpU1NzRggEwC6BnsgJqQ/edit#gid=167927250

Cheat Sheet: http://wiki.stryck.com/StateOfGrace/CheatSheet