A Whole Lot Of Cabals


Portage Bay

  • Kerberos Club, The PC's cabal that they founded, based upon a far older group whose origins are... fuzzy at best.


A small town tucked away between Phoenix and the San Carlos Reservation, Miami-Globe boasts more than its fair share of Mages. This is due to a mixture of the region having numerous properties that attract Mages from across the Southwest, political and historical pressures that have drawn Mages away from Phoenix and other areas, and the activities of a powerful Native American Nameless Order in the region.


The Guardians of the Veil keep a light presence in Miami, managing a Labryinth amidst the miners that work in the pit, but the Free Council maintains a much more obvious presence.

  • Dead Bird Society?, members of which are called "Canaries," are a Guardian cabal that manages the Labryinth and tends to the safety of the local Miners.
  • Illuminated Brotherhood?, or the Illuminates, are a heavily political Free Council cabal known for causing trouble in Midland, Globe, and Phoenix.
  • Keepers Of The Blue Book?, sometimes called the Taken or the Forgotten Few, are a widespread eclectic Cabal with members all over the city but primarily operating out of Miami.

Midland City

Both the Free Council and the Silver Ladder have interests in Midland City, dividing the region along interstate 60 and forming the informal heart of the region.

  • Seventh Sons, a focused mystic Free Council cabal, hold themselves as politically neutral and direct their efforts toward making the Assembly work.
  • Broken Mountain, a predominately Silver Ladder cabal that focuses on running one of the tendrils of The Company?, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold.

Globe & Pinal

Something of a battleground between the Mysterium and the Ministry of Paternoster, Mages are especially careful in Globe, and any Cabals that are based out of here are familiar with conflict.

  • Sons Of Aaron, a very young idealistic Silver Ladder Cabal focused on becoming Gods upon Earth,-- and creating an Awakened Mormon Kingdom to uplift all Humanity,-- who operate out of the "White Church".
  • Whitethorn Prayer Society?, a Seer Pylon and cult of the Father (through the Supernal symbols of Mormonism), the Thorn Knights hold high positions in the "White Church" and fight a war of influence with the Aaronites.
  • Twelve Lights?, a Seer Pylon roughly split between Mammon and Paternoster, who wield the Lion's Share of the political influence in Globe and who are believed to rank higher in the Pyramid than the Thorn Knights.
  • Little Brother?, a Globe offshoot of a Mysterium Cabal out of Phoenix, the Middle Children are perhaps the most insular of the regions Cabal and try their best to stay out of local politics.

The Apache

San Carlos Reservation

the San Carlos Apache would, really, rather not be involved in Consilium Politics at all. Except, the efforts needed to bind The Dreamer make that impossible.

  • Stone House?, a Adamantine Arrow cabal that Houses most of the Arrow's in the region,-- in San Caros and Miami-Globe-alike,-- focuses overwhelmingly on peacekeeping functions.
  • Nameless Order?, more commonly known as the Apache Mystics, are an unknown in local politics,-- they'd rather be left alone.


  • Phoenix Brethren?, a Mysterium Cabal which operates out of the University of Phoenix, maintains the most day-to-day interest in what's going on in Miami-Globe.