New Legacies

The Unseen

Ruling Arcana of Death and uses Space to enhance it.

  • First Attainment - Allows you to see darkness as if it were light.
  • Second Attainment - Without A Trace for a few turns, and also makes non-biological evidence give conflicting directional clues at Space 2
  • Third Attainment - Suppress Aura with a Space 2 addition that makes your sympathetic links appear as "boring" as you seem to be.
  • Fourth Attainment - Shadow Flesh for a few turns, and while active, you can teleport through continuous shadows with a Space 3 addition.
  • Fifth Attainment - Requires a ritual and pulls an area of the Tapestry into Twilight.

Legacy of the Weaver

[02:23a] <Crowned Sun?> n' a lot depends on-- I assume you'll be getting Weaver's legacy?-- what exactly do you want the focus to be? I figure it's, you know, Matter/Fate... with a focus on weaving as supernal-metaphor for Fate and Destiny? Maybe with the "flavor" that, say, the optional Fate aspects? They represent the work that you do to your destiny/fate.

[02:24a] <Crowned Sun?> Maybe, like, one of the /things/ for the Legacy is that they forge for themselves a powerful thread that represents their fate? [02:25a] <Crowned Sun?> n' the optional fate attainments sort of represent THAT? [02:25a] <Crowned Sun?> Or... something. [02:25a] <haren> Ohhhh, I like that! [02:25a] <haren> And yeah, Weaver's legacy. [02:25a] <haren> I'm back now. :) [02:25a] <Crowned Sun?> Could even be that they get a +3 yantra for "their thread," with the cavaets that it's mostly only useful for Fate magics that affect you yourself. n' that if someone else gets their hands on it? That's BAD. Also, probably takes a bit to /use/ it. [02:26a] * haren nods. [02:27a] <Crowned Sun?> I figure the first attainment doesn't have any optional effects. [02:27a] <Crowned Sun?> It's, basically, Craftsman's Eye with the Fate 1 addition. [02:27a] <haren> Hmmm, yeah. [02:27a] <Crowned Sun?> I.e., "Name a task, find objects that help with that task." [02:30a] <Crowned Sun?> 2nd and 3rd attainments... [02:30a] <Crowned Sun?> ...I think I have some ideas. [02:30a] <haren> Oh? [02:30a] <Crowned Sun?> The third one, especially, has to be a Fraying spell called "unravel" that takes things apart. Cutting the threads, more or less. [02:31a] <haren> I like that! :D [02:31a] <Crowned Sun?> I figure most of the attainments probably, you know, use Ritual and take a scene. [02:31a] <Crowned Sun?> Because, you know, this is a craftsman's legacy. [02:31a] <haren> Yeah. [02:31a] <haren> That's fine by me :) [02:31a] <Crowned Sun?> So this one probably takes a scene, is a ritual, and has a +1 reach effect where the unravelled materials are perfectly usable. [02:32a] <Crowned Sun?> So basically, you just take things apart, and are left with perfect raw materials. [02:32a] <Crowned Sun?> n' you can then, if you want, take THAT apart. [02:32a] <Crowned Sun?> It can't actually create new material, so you can't QUITE return things to their native state. (That'd be more Time, honestly.) [02:33a] <Crowned Sun?> But you can still "start over" to a very large extent. [02:33a] <Crowned Sun?> The 2nd attaiment needs to be, like, a Compelling or Ruling practice spell that does something Weaving-related but I'm not EXACTLY sure. [02:35a] <Crowned Sun?> Ideally it'd be something useful in combination with the third attainment. [02:38a] <haren> Hmmm, Oh! [02:39a] <Crowned Sun?> Shaping could work, honestly. [02:39a] <haren> Shaping can affect solid objects with Reach and pretty much is... hah [02:40a] * Crowned Sun? nodsnods. [02:40a] <Crowned Sun?> Yeah, so 2 is "Craft Shit," [02:40a] <Crowned Sun?> n' 3 is "Take Shit Apart." [02:41a] <Crowned Sun?> Use "Transubstantion" as the 4th Attainment? [02:41a] <Crowned Sun?> For "weaving straw into gold," and so forth? [02:42a] <Crowned Sun?> Which'd also let you craft using all kinds of exotic components, heh. [02:42a] <haren> Heeee! [02:43a] <haren> I like that. [02:45a] <Crowned Sun?> I almost feel like the 5th attainment should be... non-standard. [02:45a] * haren nods. [02:45a] <Crowned Sun?> I.e., not just a spell, [02:45a] <haren> No no, I agree. [02:46a] <Crowned Sun?> Maybe it just flat out requires Matter 5 and Fate 5? n' lets you craft, like, a specific subset of artifacts? [02:46a] <haren> Ohhhhh. [02:46a] <haren> OHHHHH! [02:46a] <haren> I love that. [02:47a] <Crowned Sun?> Like, you can craft fate-threads for OTHER PEOPLE at that point. [02:48a] <Crowned Sun?> Which is kind of like giving someone else the Destiny merit. [02:48a] <Crowned Sun?> But, it's a physical object. [02:48a] <Crowned Sun?> :-) [02:48a] <Crowned Sun?> n' the Legacy member has to /physically craft it/. [02:48a] <haren> :D [02:48a] <haren> I love that. [02:48a] <Crowned Sun?> That'd leave, like, Fate 2, 3, and 4 effects for you to pick to choose the effects that crafting a Fate Thread gives to the member himself. :) [02:54a] <Crowned Sun?> Maybe "Reading the Outmost Eddies,"-- you're generally prone to happy coincidencs and swings of good luck,-- "Warding Gesture,"-- others find it difficult to actually /affect/ your fate!,-- and, say, maybe as a nod to original Henry, "Shared Fate" as a one-way link and have it so people that do things to the legacy member have that inflicted upon them in turn. [02:54a] <Crowned Sun?> ;) [02:54a] <haren> My thoughts are... Something along the lines of Warding Gesture, Shared Fate [02:54a] <haren> HAH! [02:54a] * Crowned Sun? snickers. :) [02:54a] * Crowned Sun? went "what the fate levels were, -1, so we have more reach." [02:54a] * haren nods. :D [02:54a] <Crowned Sun?> I think shared fate, at the very least, would need another +1 to act reflexively. [02:55a] <Crowned Sun?> Which is probably a LITTLE op, but I think works for a level 4 attainment. [02:56a] * Crowned Sun? adds these notes to the wiki page. [02:56a] <haren> I like this. :)