Wiki Grimoire Rotes

Superlative Luck, Hone the Perfected Form (from Harriet)
Scribe Grimoire, Augment Mind, Enhance Skill, As Above So Below (from Courtney)
Honing the Form (from Jackie)

New Spells

Postcognition (Mt Aw?, pg. 187.)

+2 Reach: The mage is targeting a timeline other than the current one; this is normally not possible! The Mage has to have some form of Temporal Sympathy to the timeline in question. This option always has a chance of attracting the attention of the Abyss; roll at least a chance die for paradox risk.
Add Fate 1: The mage doesn't have to actually pick a moment to begin using Divination. The spell will choose a beginning point that's synthetically relevant to current events or a given subject supplied by the Mage. This will be chosen from the Unchanged recent past, unless the Mage chooses to use Temporal Sympathy with this spell, though doing such without a lot of Potency is ill-advised as the mage has no real control over how much Temporal Sympathy he might be dealing with...
Add Mind 1: The mage also mirrors the thought processes of the subject, in a mild manner that is easily distinguishable as not-his-current-thoughts, allowing him to more perfectly relive the past experience. With Mind 2, the Mage additionally gains access to a +1 Reach option that allows him to basically relive the memory as if it was happening all over again for the first time. This maintains the illusion that the Mage is the person in the memory (if he isn't) and has free choice of action (within the original context of the scene), while keeping him confined to the actions that were taken at the time. For clarity, the Mage cannot change what was done in the past! That said, this is the next-best-thing you can get to being there again.

Speed Reading (Mind )

Practice: Perfecting
Primary Factor: Potency
Suggested Rote Skills: Academics, Computer, Expression

The subject of this spell finds their ability to comprehend and process information. They can do so at Potency + 1 times the normal speed. This allows them to read a book, watch a movie, and or research with Extended rolls.

Reach +1: Able to correctly project shots and thereby react before the shooter can, the subject can now apply their Defense against firearms.