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10/23/16 Dark theme added. Also, old 'tiddly' wikis and Charlequin's Sol Invictus Wiki are available, read only, at http://static.stryck.com -irrg

10/22/16 I moved Stryck's wiki out of the stone ages (although the code still remains there) onto a new server. New skin, too. Mobile friendly. Enjoy. Or not. -irrg

Older news:

Speaking of RP book writers, our very own Charlequin has created an Exalted supplement, Sol Invictus, of high-essence Solar charms, along with charm-writing guidelines and high powered storytelling tips.

Check it out: High Quality Sol Invictus PDF (9.68 MB)

Guide to Roleplaying on IRC: Gaming On IRC

Editing Features

Even older news

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New Wiki Version!

As you may have noticed, the wiki has changed!

We've upgraded the wiki and given it a new style.

  • Your Bookmarks and any hard/direct-links must be updated to remove the /pmwiki.php?/ part. If you get the error code 'no input file' check your url. It probably has the extra code in it.
  • Editing help info is now in a little drop down thinger at the top right of the edit box. If you can't remember how to format your text, click there!
  • The style can be changed from the default silver skin by using Style Options, which is now linked from the top right.
    • The styles are cookie-based, and allow you to choose color scheme, fonts, and there is a text sizer on the left bar.
    • Unset Cookies (top right, next to Style Options) will revert to the silver scheme and take you back to the main page. This will allow you to see default group styles, too.
  • Individual groups can now have their own logo and default style sheet. This will have to go through me, as it's a server-side thing. Copy This Sample CSS Code? into a text file, change the colors, and anything else you want to change, and then submit it to me at ennjuli at hotmail dot com. Please use good judgment. I may ask you to refine your style sheet before posting it. For an example, see Eyes That Burn.
  • Individual groups ALSO have their own sidebars.
    • This is largely a good thing, but if you are trying to make a global change, you must do it to this Site/Sidebar (that's Site, not Main.)
    • Now you can delete the stuff relating to other games in your group, and expand and use your group sidebar for quick links to various areas of your group's site!


Super Special addition!

  • Use http://wiki.stryck.com/convert/ to convert your pages from davewiki markup to stryckwiki markup. This fixes MOST issues, but some will still have to be done by hand. For instance, you will need to remove the square brackets around html links manually.

A note on groups, subpages and such

This wiki handles slightly different than Dave Wiki, and this is worth a quick upfront note to avoid confusion.

When you make a group page (Dark Ages/Fae), it's kind of like making a little extra wiki. The recent changes only shows changes in the group your in, unless you use the all option, which shows ALL the changes.

For this reason, it's best to avoid making excess extra pages "off" of one another. Instead of making Artifacts/LevelOneArtifacts and LevelOneArtifacts/MyArtifact, it's best to just make LevelOneArtifacts and then MyArtifact. This is because if you make a group called LevelOneArtifacts, you end up with a profusion of VERY small groups.

Discussion of what size/how many groups we should have

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I personally like the "one group per game" outlook, though the Dark Ages and WoD groups might be a bit big. -CrownedSun

I think that's a good idea, although maybe we could make it like.. Wo D 2 Vampire?, to divide them up a little better? -Stryck

To link Wiki Words? across groups

If you want to link to a wikiword in another group, you qualify it with the group name, as in Sol Invictus.Sol Invictus You can also do Sol Invictus, which links to the same place but doesn't display the group name in the output The group name is shown in the URL and in the link trail.

A Note about the Sidebar

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I've %comment%ed out several of the currently unfilled links in the Side Bar; they're still there in the page source, but don't have any content yet, so I figured that it'd not only clean the look up a bit but also cut down on having to scroll up and down if the sidebar appeared a bit shorter. - Willows

I'm putting back my page, since the sidebar works and the actual BESM page link isn't working. The sidebar link for School of the Mad Rose occasionally goes out but, it works. - Haren

I fixed your link for you, Bri - you need to specify the group name in the sidebar link or it links to Main.whatever... all the redirects and stuff are good now, though. - Willows

I collapsed the Exalted sidebar down to cut down on length/clutter. The sections I've eliminated (actually just commented out) don't seem to get much use, and they can all be gotten to via clicking on the main Exalted link. If there's something you use a lot, feel free to un-comment it to get it back!

Spam and how we fought it.

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After having several unpublished blogs bombarded with blog comment spam this is probably the saddest thing ever that has just hit the wiki... Wiki Spam. I'll look into blocking whoever did it; I honestly hope we won't have to go as far as to restrict access to pages. - Eargang

In case you're wondering why I was modifying a bunch of pages, there was another Wiki Spam attack. I don't know, maybe without the other, they hit here more. Also, I wouldn't mind the access limits. I can save passwords, but I hate fixing pages. - Haren

How do people feel about having password-only access to the wiki? - Stryck

That doesn't bother me at all. I wish Dave had just done that. - CrownedSun

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