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What is Imbued?

Imbued is my attempt at rehashing the bits of W Ws? Exalted that I like into a Sci Fi? setting that I can run fun games in. It will use the Exalted system of dice pool, because I like them and they're fairly easy to understand. It will aslo use the Exalted concept of motes and essence as a convient way of keeping track of characters resources. Beyond that, I want to make the setting into one where you can do pretty much what you want, where practically any scifi world or culture can fit in, though I do intend to have a more firmly defined background written at some point on the setting page. Below is more akin to my design notes than the Setting? page, which will be coherrent, I promise.

Fairly large `world map' with numerous systems known. I'm not yet sure about the political situation, but is probably going to be collection of small (2 - 3 systems) empires and states, maybe with a larger, central empire. There will probably be Switzerland style planets too, for me to put nifty stuff on.

Myth of home planet, Earth. Empires periodically claim to have discovered it. Church of Earth probably most common religeon, but religeon won't feature that highly

Technology is generally fairly high, as benefits society aided by superhuman crafters. Wearable/implanted computers moderately common, especially in `upper class' society. Networks available depend on world. Core worlds have fully integrated dataspheres, frontier worlds maybe spotty wireless access. AI is possible, but rare -- Imbued often outperform them, so why bother? `Guns' are as likely to be laser/plasma weaponry, though as you raise in quality, energy weapons more likely. Still flipflopping on nanotech.

Space travel possible. Via `Hyperspace'. Speed chosen such that empires are basically as easy to traverse as countries. Not that much attention to detail given to physics. Other possibility that I'm considering is that space or maybe just deepspace is the Wyld, though that may make it too WH 40 K?. Currently no mecha. This may change.

Currently thinking Gods exist as worshipped things -- Maybe remnants of long gone civilisations. Demons probably live in deep space (especially if it isn't Wyld) -- I want to have ships beset by eldritch horrors occasionally. Sorcerors can probably summon demons. More chance of going wrong than in Exalted, though not tantamount to sucicide if you're sensible.

Artifacts, if they exist, will be large scale things, not man-portable things.