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Werewolf: the Forsaken

A Storytelling Game of Savage Fury, set in the World of Darkness

Rules and Stuff

  • Werewolf Errata is where you'll find small fixes to the rules, gifts, and rites.
  • Werewolf Merits is where you'll find new Werewolf-specific merits.
  • Gifts is your one-step spot for all kinds of info on Gifts!
  • Rituals is where you'll go for more of the shamanistic magic of the Uratha.

New Lodges

  • Here is where you'll find more Lodges that your characters can join!

Miscellaneous Other Stuff

  • Werewolf Teasers - the old Werewolf Teasers, from back before the game was released.
  • Pack Tactics? - additional Combat Options, useful for characters working together.
  • Example Combat - an Example Combat from Werewolf: the Forsaken!

The Beastiary

Werewolf Chronicles