The Shadow

Gadari Hithim; "Harvesters"
The Harvesters of Violence, small disgusting black piggish hounds with maws full of razor sharp teeth. They feed off violence and hate, particularly that of brother against brother. While the strongest hounds can survive off wisps of hate, the Harvesters need true violence and intent to kill to fully sate their hunger. Mere sibling rivalry is poor fare indeed, unless bullets are involved. While most often found in the Inner Cities and Third World Nations, the Gadari Hithim brotherhood is corrupted to violence.

Rank 1 (Lesser Gaffling)
Power 3, Finesse 2, Resistance 2.
Willpower 5, Initiative 4. Speed of 13, Defense of 3.
Size 3, Corpus of 5.
Essence Pool of 10.

Influences: Violence *
Numina: Chorus, Harrow, Living Fetter
Ban: True forgiveness is anathema to the Harvesters. The rifts of betrayal, once mended, can drive off or severely weaken the Gadari Hithim.

New Numina

Animate: from Predators, renamed to Telekinesis in the New Numina sector.