This is where you can put everything for your games all in one place! You can list your game's title here, and then either link things from different areas, or create them all in the same place.

For example, you could put the game's setting, with any interesting NPCs, characters and character sheets, relevant artifacts, and of course game summaries and fiction!

Now, in Alphabetical Order!! ("The" and "A" are not considered the beginning of a title.)

Active Games (maybe?)

  • Blood Gold - haren's game of pirates, thievery, romance, and betrayal.
  • The Drowning City - willows' Ex3 game of Dragonblooded murder and intrigue in Gloam.
  • Rising Dark - andrix's game set in the eastern threshold, a fresh circle of solars. (`Ex2)
  • Umbrous Radience - Haren's game of heroic Abyssals

Finished Games

  • Exalted Pulp - A high-fantasy pulp game of Exalted run by Telgar!
  • Scroll And Sword Circle - Sidereal game run by willows.
  • Sol Invictus - the high-powered Solar Game run by Charlequin.
  • Time Of Tumult - Before there was a Wyld Wanderers... there was a Time of Tumult!
    • Index of Return to Tumult, the sequal to the two-year long Time of Tumult game. The Father is dead, but that is just the beginning.

Dead Games