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Hunting Glory

The Jade Prison has shattered and the Anathema walk the land once more. Even the Realm itself has not escaped their depredations. The Wyld Hunt should be at its strongest, but in fighting between the Great Houses has weakened it. Now only the dedicated and the unwilling battle against the unclean forces that creep in the edges of the world. A pale shadow of the once-great Hunts, the heroes that sally forth today are still the first defense against the vile tyrannts of the past come back to haunt the world. Can they save us all from peril?

Characters were created using 45 bonus points.


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Game Logs

  • Fisherwife Attacks - On a small, deserted island the Circle is attacked by a distraut mortal fisherwoman who claims they murdered her son. After being disarmed, the woman flees and the Circle is free to return to Coral and find passage home. But is this the end of the fisherwoman? Only time will tell! (A4, F4, G3, H4)
  • Aboard The Purple Dolpin - The voyage to Vladet is fairly uneventful, but once in the small port town a short encounter with a few cultists leads to some interesting suspicions on the part of Alaia and Gon! (A4, F0, G4, H4)
    • Talking About Gifts? - Alaia gives Feneng her gift of some high-quality cocoa-butter. While discussing what sort of gift to get Gon, Gon himself joins the conversation and everyone gets a bit better aquainted. (A1, F1, G1, H0)
  • Drinking and Eating? While out for coffee, Hara and Alaia are discovered by a tired and tattered Wyld Hunter named Aphela. She reveals that Janik is a Lunar Anathema who is deadly dangerous and may be after the Captain! Everyone else gets involved and the Hunt begins! (A4, Ap4, F4, G4, H4)

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In-Character Documents

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