The Dark Sidereals are those Chosen of the Maidens who have accepted the touch of the Dark Lords. In the time of the Primordial War, the Primordials were aware of discontent in the ranks of the Gods, but did not openly strike against them, instead turning their efforts against the Exalted.

Ouranos of the Thousand Eyes had created the Five Maidens and was most displeased to find their Chosen fighting against him. He created the Five Lords as a balance to the Maidens and hoped they could find a way to fashion their own Exalted and turn the tide of the war. His hopes were in vain and his newly born sons were dragged down with him into the Underworld, where they had gained their powers. Given dominion over the realm of Death, they were tied to it forever.

Only recently have the Lords touched Creation once more, though they are still barred from their ancient domains in Yu-Shan. Their touch has brought new powers into being, the Synodic Exalted. Unable to make their own Exalted from the Underworld, the Lords can still take their sisters' Chosen under their wings.

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  • Dark Lords - biographies and information on the Five Lords and the Houses they rule.
  • Dark Charms - powers and tricks given to the servants of the Dead Gods.
  • Darkification Changes - the results of being a Synodic Exalted.
  • Dark Houses - information on the "divisions" of the Dark Lords.

Synodic Castes

  • Chosen Of Souls - Browns, the caretakers of ghosts and watchers of the Cycle. The duty of sheparding the dead into Lethe falls to the Browns. They seek to assure that reincarnation goes as planned and are empowered to change the fates of the dead in the next life.
  • Chosen Of Madness - Opposed in all ways to the Malfeans and the Deathlords, the Chosen of Deimos bring fear and insanity to those who defy the order of the Cycle by choosing the Void.
  • Chosen Of Darkness - Blacks are the ones who must sever the connections between the living and the dead so the dead can move on. They encourage ghosts to move into Lethe with haste, not to linger in the Underworld.
  • Chosen Of Mysteries - Greys, keepers of things lost to history, Greys are the ones to chronicle the ages of the dead. They ensure that the knowledge of the dead stays forever seperated from that of the living.
  • Chosen Of Death - Brokers of prayer and relics the Whites keep track of the contact between living and dead. Whites are the ones who must reassure the dead so they can come to terms with their existence and move on. They are also the ones who prepare the living for the transition and encourage Lethe rather then existance as a Ghost.

* Chosen Of Souls