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Chosen of Mysteries

Caste Markings

The eyes of a Chosen of Mysteries are steel gray and their pupils are misted with grey clouds giving the impression of a storm raging in a clear night sky. The Sign of Mysteries glows bright gray on the forehead of the Chosen when Peripheral Essence is expended.

Anima Effect

By spending 5 motes and a willpower a Forgetter can invoke the Lesser Sign of Mysteries and strike memories from the living. The Exalted must be touching the person he wishes to affect with this power. A single piece of information is wiped from that person's mind instantly and forever in a flash of gray light.

Auspicious Abilities

The Forgetters have a natural association with those abilities tied to their House: Investigation, Larceny, Lore, Occult and Stealth. They can easily command fates bound to the Dark Constellations of the Owl, the Lock, the Ruin, the Temple and the Ghost.

Common Natures

Savant, Architect, Conniver, Critic, Explorer, Judge, Martyr, Paragon, Visionary.


The color gray, the element of Blood, the astrological house of the Sunken Temple of Unknowns, oceans and rivers of the Underworld, the Calendar of Setesh.


Forgetters, Book Burners, Storm-Eyed.


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