Orpheus - Don't Look Back

Orpheus... the ghost story for ghosts. Within these pages shall be links to all things Orpheus, be it unique ways to use your Horrors, new Spectral Beasties, chronicle seeds, character ideas, and anything else you care to share.

  • Horrors? - New ways to use old Horrors, perhaps new Horrors, or house rules regarding them.
  • SpectralBeasties? - New members of Grandmother's Brood to fling at your unsuspecting players.
  • Shades - Alterations, ideas, or potentially new things related to the Shades.
  • HouseRules? - Other generic modifications to the Orpheus System.
  • ChroniclesAndCharacters? - The place to post information on plot seeds, chronicle ideas, or character backgrounds and sheets.
  • ContenderRed? - Where things from the Orpheus Game but tied to their competitors - like Terrel & Squib or NextWorld - should go.


I put this up since I'm probably the only person who cares about this, at the moment. Heh. But Orpheus is a great game, damnit! - Ashande