The Aim

Numerous folk have suggested that they liked the Exalted setting, but had serious problems with the system - too slow, too confusing etc.

Conversely, there's a bunch of us who seem to have been able to successfully run games with fast combat, wide varieties of charms and the like.

For some folks, the system is never going to be to their tastes - dice pools may actually make them break out in hives. But for others, it might be useful to put together a guide or FAQ to get folks around the headaches - providing examples, hints and guidance on how to get past some common pitfalls, and use the system in all its glory with the success many of us have enjoyed. Alternately, we could explain how certain rules work in play, what their interactions are, and thus what's likely to happen if you decide not to use it - making it easier for people to choose the best subset of the rules for them.

Most importantly, we'd need the smart, talented and super-cool Exalted luminaries about the place to help, since if I was to do it we'd end up with a ten page incoherent rant on why everyone should love Heavenly Guardian Defence.

So, is this a worthwhile idea? Would it help? What should it include? Who's willing to do it? How much of the work has already been done on the wiki, and to what extent may I be embarrassing myself by not realising it? - Kasumi?