Ever since Exalted has come out there has been plenty of fatsplats for the five main types of Exalted plus a large smattering of other denizens of The Age of Sorrows. The items below will discuss only the main types of Exalts and the various adversaries beneath that.



The Solar Exalts receive their power from The Unconquered Sun, the greatest of the Gods whose light shines and nurtures the world for all eternity. Coincidentally, they are also the most powerful of the Exalted. Not because they master any one thing, but because they are talented generalists who have the potential to do anything well. Solars are 'chosen' from the ranks of those who excel. Quite simply, the mundane and unexceptional are never chosen for solar exaltation, thus their ranks are filled with spymasters, greatest thieves, and peerless warriors.

Solar Exalted are divided into five castes, each of these representing a different time of daylight and role for The Unconquered Sun.

Dawn Caste are the warriors and generals of the Solars, whose role is to smash and eradicate the darkness making way for a bright future.

Zenith Caste are the priests and leaders of the Solars, whose role is to stand as an obvious example to the world, and to give them direction in their life.

Twilight Caste are the sorcerers and elders of the Solars, who represent knowledge gained and used towards the betterment of all.

Night Caste are the thieves and watchmen of the Solars, who are the eyes and hands of The Unconquered Sun where few dare tread.

Eclipse Caste are the Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Solars, who keep society in close communications to terminate hostilities.

Note: The solars, having just returned to Creation en masse, have no comprehensive organization beyond individual circles (groups). However, they have strong allies in The Cult Of The Illuminated? and in Gold Faction? Sidereals


The Lunar Exalted are blessed with the power of Luna, a shapeshifting goddess. The Lunar Exalted are often Exalted from the ranks of those who survive in spite of terrible harships, so naturally most of these Exalts are born far from the comfortable walls of cities and kingdoms, although this isn't always the case. Many are the Lunars who are born in the squalor hidden far beneath the city glitz or glamour. Lunar Exalts are powerful warriors and capable in areas of guile and sorcery, but they falter in comparison to other Exalts in almost every other way.

Lunar Exalted are divided into three castes (four if you count the misfits), each representing a phase of the moon and role.

The Full Moon are peerless warriors, who know no satisfaction greater than testing themselves in the ways of combat.

The Changing Moon are tricksters and spies, who survive in the world through guile and quick wits.

The No Moon are sorcerers and occultists, who survive by intelligence and wisdom. Also masters of tattoo magic.

Note: The Lunars nominally exist in a society known as the Silver Pact?, which is a world spanning organization of Lunars who recognize one another through a system of Renown and Prestige. The eldest Lunars are thus known and feared on sight.