the World of Domin

A time of quiet and peace has settled upon the Eastern Shores. It has been over 100 years since all the Great Nations of the East rose up to destroy the corrupt Kingdom of Gaolin, and well over 800 years since the False One was destroyed and his minions scattered into the dark places of the world. The great heroic times of the past, many say, are behind us.

There has been conflict, of course. When the High Lord Regent of Julee died on his 83rd year, the great lords of the land stepped up to take his place and that kingdom descended into the bloodiest war in recent memory. Such was the violence of the Throne War that the Ancient City of Minitirith closed its gates for the first time since the fall of the Gaolin.

Lesser battles have taken place as well, and there have been losses, such as when the untimely death of the Queen of Ambyrl when her party was ambushed by unknown forces and slaughtered. No survivors were found, and though the Order of the Rose destroyed every encampment of fiends and beasts in the Khaolir Mountains no signs of her attackers were ever discovered. Though the False One was defeated, ever must the good people of the East remain vigilant and guard against the evil of Raizeth, his lord and master.

Tragedies, also, have blighted our land. Once friends and allies of the civilized lands of the East, the Elves of Hranjiel, Jewel of the East, have closed their lands to all travelers and ceased all but the most perfunctory of communications with the outside world. The only Elves that most ever see are the Rhoji-shen, Hunters of the Dark, who come seeking the minions of Raizeth (and other darker terrors that they will not speak of).

If some old allies are distant, though, other relationships have deteriorated even further. Once the Druids of the Old Faith and the Holy Men of Ramma stood side by side, but now the priests of Minitirith grow more and more wary of the “Pagans” and “their elvish ways”. For their own part, the Druids have returned the sentiment. It is not entirely safe for a Priest of the One God to wander too deeply into the ancient lands of Oaerl. There are still a few places, such as the pastoral Kingdom of Tomarl, where the two faiths co-exist more or less at peace.

Yet, even such horrors as the Throne Wars are minor things compared to the dark times in which all of the East rose up to vanquish evil and surely such times will not come again. They are the stories of our ancestors, or even our grandfathers, and we will not live to see them again.

Will we?

Basic World Info (a mixture of setting/rules)

Setting Stuff

  • Geography? - PURE discussion of geography and where everything is!
  • KingdomsOfTheWest? - a little information on what lay beyond the Khaolir Mountains!
  • KingdomsOfTheEast - more information on the Kingdoms of the East
  • TheOneGod -- the Church of the One God, and a discussion of the God himself!
  • TheOldFaith? -- the Old Faith, it's Druid Servitors, and the force they serve...
  • TheFalseOne -- a bit of historical background about the False One, and his legacy

Rules Stuff