The Races of Domin

The World of Domin is a vibrant and wide world. While we are specifically (at least for now) focusing on the land of the East in the unnamed continent, the breadth of the world as a whole is quite impressive!

The Basic Dn D Races


Dwarves are one of the most common non-human races in the world of Domin, being found throughout the civilized lands touched by the old Empire that once stretched throughout the unnamed continent. The origins of this diaspora date back to the early days of that ancient empire, when the Dwarves were initially swept up in the string of colonization and contact – eventually ending up an integral part of the Empire’s infrastructure and support mechanism. Many of the ruined structures that dot the landscape, abandoned with the final collapse of the Empire in the last age, were of Dwarven construction and the Dwarves inhabit their own prosperous districts of many of the greatest cities in the East and the West.

In the current age, the Dwarves tend to be fairly well off by the conditions of society. Many Dwarves find themselves born into positions of nobility, while most of the rest of the race finds them comfortable ensconced in the artisan’s class. There are a few pastoral Dwarves who farm the land, but they are by far the exception to an overwhelmingly urban race. The Dwarves are also quite active among the religious caste, and have embraced the One God to a large extent.

Not all Dwarves joined with the Empire, however, and over the age the very different lifestyles of the Dwarves have resulted in the two branches growing more and more disparate of nature. The City Dwarves (or White Dwarves) are the most common type of Dwarf, at least in the mind of most surface dwellers, while the Mountain Dwarves (or Deep Dwarves) remain largely as they’ve existed since the beginning of time.

  • CityDwarves -- the basic Dwarven Subrace of the World of Domin
  • Mountain Dwarves are identical to the Race in the PHB.

Elves and Half-Elves




Unusual Dn D Races


Original Domin Races