The Long Night: Empire is intended to be a Roman Era setting for White Wolf's Vampire. The first thing I suppose that I should note is that I am not well known for historical accuracy. I welcome comments and suggestions on trying to keep my overly fantasized history in check. :)

The setting itself is primarily designed to occur during the Punic War era, so conflict between Rome's Triumvirate and Carthage's Republic is running hot; still, the base concepts and the "Roman Versions" of the clans are fairly universal, with only minor tweaks from the standard Dark Ages book, so use or abuse them for earlier or later chronicles as you like.

The "official" year for the setting is 275 B.C.; 10 years before the beginning of the Punic Wars and nearly 150 before the final destruction of the Brujah dream.

Note this is a work in progress. I'll add stuff as I get to it.

ClanList - Putting the clans in alphabetical order, for when I actually do their pages. Make it easier to find what you want, instead of checking by Faction.


Vampires during this period have splintered the Traditions of Caine that come in later years to be nearly absolute; various factions follow different interpretations of them, or invent their own system of Lextalionis. Notes on those can be found here.

CarthageCovenants? - The Covenants of Carthage make up their legal doctrine, similar in most respects to the Traditions of Caine followed elsewhere.

RomanTraditions? - The Traditions of Caine as interpreted by the Romans.


Barbarians - Mysterious vampires outside the rule of the Roman empire are located here.

Carthaginians - Vampires of the Carthage Republic faction, their clans and information can be found here.

Imperials - The Imperial Roman faction for The Long Night, information here regards the vampires who currently control the Empire; or at least, those who think they do.

Insurrectionists - The Insurrectionist Roman faction for The Long Night, information here deals with the vampires left on the outside looking in of the Roman world.

Character Creation and Rules

Chargen - Differences from standard Dark Ages games' character creation rules.

Disciplines - New and altered Disciplines for use in The Long Night.

Merits and Flaws? - New and altered Merits and Flaws for your Long Night characters.