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Here's where I'll be posting new and modified Disciplines for use with Long Night games and clans. As with everything else compiled here, this is still a work in progress, so you'll have to bear with me until I can get this all sorted out and finished.

  • Candarian Sorcery?
    • Magic practiced by certain bloodlines hidden amongst the Republic of Carthage - and, some whisper, even among the Imperials - Candarian Sorcery is forbidden knowledge granted to those who would truck with the Ancient Ones who lie outside the domains of the gods.
  • Koldunic Sorcery?
    • The wizards of the Tzimisce have found methods to plunder the spirits of their lands, breaking them to the will of the conjurer and forcing them to perform all manner of tasks.
  • Mortis?
    • The Necromantic Paths of magic and corruption known to the Deus Ex Mort, Mortis allows its practitioners to gain mastery over the undead state of themselves and others, speak to the damned spirits of Hades, and reanimate the flesh of those passed on to their final rest.
  • Obtenebration?
    • Command over the darkness in all souls is granted to the faithful among the Noctis, primary students of this Discipline. The Heirophants prove capable of pulling the very sin from another's soul (or their own, some say...) and weilding it as a weapon in their eternal crusade.
  • Serpentis?
    • The Discipline of spiritual and physical change practiced by the Sons of Sutekh to emulate their progenitors, Serpentis in some way mirrors the powers of shapeshifting known to the Bestials and Tzimisce, but delves deper into their serpentine natures.