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The Barbaric Clans are composed primarily of the Bestials (a blanket name applied to vampires of both Ravnos and Gangrel clans; so far as civilized vampires are aware, there’s little to no difference between the two).

Also counted among the barbarics are the Haqimin of the Middle East; the stereotype regarding them is that they are in fact vampires of other clans who’ve developed some strange fanaticism regarding blood and now hunt members of their former clans. The wide array of maladies and powers among them only serves to reinforce this belief among other Cainites.

Just as a note, vampires of these clans may make for interesting gaming, but generally won't be found among the civilized creatures of Rome and Carthage; I post them here for completeness. Also, further note that the majority of information on these clans is stilted towards the point of view of the Roman and Carthaginian vampires, so may not be wholly accurate for characters playing in these clans' homelands.