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The Imperialist Romans, currently in charge of the Roman Empire and its holdings, trying to solidify their grip on the Empire and the world at large. Imperialists form their government through the Triumvirate, an alliance of the Noctis, Ventrue, and Malkavian clans.

The Malkavians use their tainted gifts for prophecy to scry the future and offer advice to their compatriots; though the Ventrue and Noctis both believe to lead the nation, it is by the soft whispers of the Malkavians that many decisions are made; the so-called Prophets know this well, and use it.

The Noctis form the religious arm of the Triumvirate, maintaining a stranglehold on the polytheistic faiths that scatter the Empire, and turning those faiths into blood cults for their own amusement.

Considered similar in many ways to the warriors of the Salubri, the Phaedymites pursue a path of honor through pledging their swords to a masterís cause. Often found in bound service to the one of the Noctis, the Phaedymites are some of the staunchest supporters of destroying the Bestials, though some whisper they share some strange bond.

Allied with the Imperialists, the Salubri warriors and healers ply their trade, comforting their cousins the Malkavians and offering their sword arms where the stench of battle or heresy rears its head. In the places the Ventrue and Noctis do not dare to tread, the Salubri work the bidding of the Triumvirate.

The Ventrue came from common roots, born in the common lands and clawing their way to the heights of achievement; their power-lust all consuming and precluding nearly all other things, they would like nothing more than to dispose of the other members of the Triumvirate and claim all the world as their own. So far, lack of support from the Insurrectionists and the battle with the Carthaginians has required them to set back such goals.