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The Carthaginian vampires strive to create a utopia, the Republic of Carthage, where Cainite and kine live together in awareness and harmony. Already their dream frays at the edges, however, and the coming war with Rome - spurred by Cainites jealous of the Turelim dream - lead to more and more danger for the mortals the Carthaginians dwell with.

Standing alongside the Turelim are the Arikites, artisans and aficionados of beauty in all its forms. The Queen of Carthage hails from this clan, and they are perhaps the most populous of vampires in the known world, given their frequent penchant for granting the Becoming on whim.

Hailing from lands far to the East, the Baali come with honeyed tongues and gifts of power and beauty to the Turelim. Some whisper that the King of Carthage has taken one of these so-called “lords” as lover. The Baali simply smile. Apparently formerly an order of priests, the Lords now make their sermons to the Turelim kings, and help to usher in a new era of cooperation.

The last clan to rally to the Carthaginian cause, the Sons of Sutekh claim to be envoys of a much larger, older lineage, with roots in Africa far deeper than the Carthaginians might ever have suspected; they come to bring trade, vice, and support to their “neighbors to the north,” as they call them, and to assist in preventing Roman incursion deeper into their homelands.

The Carthagninians are headed up by the Turelim, mighty scholar knights with a dream of a better tomorrow, using the city as their grand experiment in vampire and mortal freedoms.