The Chuch of the One God

The dominant religious organization of the East, the Chuch of the One God is centered out of the holy city of Minitirith and itís rites and beliefs shape the lives of many of the inhabitants of the East. Even those that reject the religion or do not hold all itís beliefs find themselves shaped by their exposure to the faith.

The Dogma of the One God

  1. There is but one true god, who appeared to man after the fall of the great Empire at the Holy City of Minitirith. The One God refuses to coddle his children, and expects his followers to fend for themselves whenever they can.
  2. There is no other god; all others who claim to be gods are false. The church holds that most other pretender Gods are merely powerful sorcerers, demons or other potent beings of the other dimensions, or magical energies such as the Stones that are blindly worshipped by living men.
    1. The position of the Old Faith in the eyes of the Church is somewhat unclear, but most view those who follow the Druids as somewhat misguided and misled. The most popular view is that the Old Faith mistakenly worships some powerful magical spirit of nature.
    2. Some are more fanatical in their viewpoints on the Old Faith, and view the Druids as servants of vile demons. This view is at itís most strong in Minitirth itself, where the Old Faith has no real power.
  3. The One God is beyond many terrestrial concepts, being a purer and more rational being of ineffable wisdom. He does not see things as lesser beings do, which can lead to confusion and ill feelings. All things have their place in the world.
    1. The One God is not Good, though he favors things that are good as they present favorable conditions to his children. The One God is not Evil, though he tolerates evil because it makes his children stronger.
    2. There are many factions and subdivisions of the Church of the One God, which operate in different ways and at differing levels of secrecy and even benevolence. Not all of these factions are smiled upon by the Church proper and some are out-and-out secret societies.
  4. Clerical Magic is a rare blessing and a gift given to the mortal races of the world by the One God, which ultimately comes from the One God. All such magic comes from the One God, though not all wielders of such forces know the true source of their power.
    1. The Church proper views other kinds of magic, such as Druidic Magic and Arcane Magic, with something of a suspicious eye. While no magic is officially frowned upon, most Churchmen believe that such magic is either inherently harmful to the soul or prone to such dangers.
    2. There are factions that disagree with the prevailing view. Some of these view all magic as from the One God, while others view all non-Clerical Magic as ultimately evil and seek to destroy or control those who utilize it.
  5. The One God does not ask for your worship, and the Church does not exist for his benefit but for the benefit of mortal men. The purpose of the Church of the One God is to brighten and strengthen the children of the One God, guiding them through dangerous times and protecting them from the most dangerous of threats that might face them.
    1. The Church officially believes that, while the One God does not need or require worship he is worthy of such. The belief is that praise of the Creator is good for the soul and encourages a righteous and proper view on the world and ones place in it.
    2. Some factions of the Faith view the worship of the One God, atonement, and the basic set-up of the Church as improper and against the wishes of their Creator. They believe that people should try to live their lives as the One God would have them live instead of aping dry and meaningless forms to provide the illusion of faith.