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Chosen of Souls

Caste Markings

The eyes of a Chosen of Souls are the brown of old wood and their pupils are shot with splinters of brown light. The Sign of Souls glows a clear brown on the forehead of the Chosen when Peripheral Essence is expended.

Anima Effect

By spending 10 motes a Ferryman can make the Lesser Sign of Souls which manifests as a brown glow around himself and any other being within his Essence x 10 yards. Over the course of an hour's travel in any direction the Ferryman and those within the area of effect are slowly shifted into the Underworld as if they had walked out of a Shadowland at night.

Auspicious Abilities

The Forgetters have a natural association with those abilities tied to their House: Endurance, Ride, Sail, Survival and Thrown. They can easily command fates bound to the Dark Constellations of the Wound, the Vulture, the Barge, the Bone and the Storm.

Common Natures

Bureaucrat, Caregiver, Explorer, Judge, Leader, Rebel, Survivor, Thrillseeker.


The color brown, the element of Prayer, the astrological house of the Broken Barge of Souls, gold coins, ferrymen, oars, shrines.


Ferrymen, Soul Shepherds, Fate-Makers.


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