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Chosen of Madness

Caste Markings

The eyes of a Chosen of Madness are burning orange and their pupils are filled with flashes of orange flame. The Sign of Madness glows bright orange on the forehead of the Chosen when Peripheral Essence is expended.

Anima Effect

By spending 10 motes the Chosen can make the Lesser Sign of Madness which commands the dangerous denizens of the Underworld. The Lesser Sign manifests as a sea of ghostly flames extending up to the character's Essence x 10 yards in diameter. Any Hungry Ghost, Nephwracks, Mortwrights or other dark creature of the Underworld must make a Willpower roll with a difficulty of half the Exalted's Essence to enter the anima and all standing within the anima do aggravated damage to such creatures. This anima does not affect normal ghosts.

Auspicious Abilities

The Enforcers have a natural association with those abilities tied to their House: Archery, Brawl, Melee, Presence and Resistance. They can easily command fates bound to the Dark Constellations of the Splinter, the Claw, the Dagger, the Mirror and the Obelisk.

Common Natures

Bravo, Critic, Explorer, Jester, Martyr, Rebel, Survivor, Thrillseeker


The color orange, the element of Ghost-Fire, the astrological house of the Forgotten Prison of Insanity, mirrors, blindness, eyes, Pyre Flame, Hungry Ghosts, Hekatonkhire.


Enforcers, Dream Killers, Guardians of the Labyrinth.


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