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The small Western Island where the last Hunt concluded was too unimportant to have a name written on the maps. Only barely had it appeared on them, added in by some apprentice mapmaker being punished by his master with finding obscure places. Remote and uninhabitable as the place was, when Gon rose from his sleep and went to check the boat that would take them to a larger island, he was surprised to find a second ship tied up.

A tiny, dingy dinghy was bobbing serenely along side their slightly used skiff. No one was inside, and there were no markings on the hull beyond natural wear and a few barnacles.

Waking up a few moments later, Cynis Alaia also notices the dingy dinghy.

  • Alaia yawns, stretches, and after it's a minute or two before Gon is back, follows after.
  • Nellens Gon lightly tips his hat at Alaia, as he probes the dingy with his staff. "... hmm."

Alaia "I hope we're not expected to go anywhere in that..."

Nellens Gon "I am... more concerned about who brought this here."

The low conversation breaks the mostly silence of the calm little island and wakes the rest of the Hunters.

  • Nefarious is now known as ST`
  • Sesus Hara gets to his feet stretching his rested muscles and starts walking to where the conversation is in a not so silent fashion
  • Feneng yawns, takes a look around, and announces as if she knew exactly what was going on, "Don't worry, we can take 'em."

Sesus Hara "Ugh... Fen...."

  • Alaia shrugs. "It probably came with the other ship. Right?"
  • Sesus Hara stumbles past a bush making a bit of noise.. and lets Alaia and Gon know he was heading there way

Nellens Gon "... are there any footsteps besides our own?"

  • Feneng goes over to the fire and starts making tea. "Doesn't matter. Anyone sailing in that ship couldn't possibly be a match for us."

Feneng "Dangerous people are rich, you know."

Sesus Hara "Hmmmm there's not a single marking on it.... Maybe thereís something in the craft?"

  • Nellens Gon pauses for a moment at the noise... and then relaxes. "Anyone sailing in this ship was either desperate or wasn't afraid of the seas at all."
  • Sesus Hara feels around in the ship.. under the seats if there are any.. just a general search
  • Alaia looks about for any footprints. "Maybe it's a water aspect assigned to help us? We could use that."

Hara's cursory search of the boat finds only a few items. There are a few packets of food wrapped in waxed paper, a waterproofed cloth and a whetstone. The stone looks to have been used recently and, judging from a good nick taken out of it, by someone with a fair amount of strength.

Sesus Hara "Strange... I don't see a map in this boat"

Nellens Gon "Somebody that knew where he was going then?"

Sesus Hara "But the person who used this stone was pretty tough Iíd imagine"

Alaia "It wouldn't help anyway, old maps wouldn't show where this place is."

Sesus Hara "It'

Sesus Hara "It's still odd that he wouldn't have a map of the region"

  • Feneng wanders over to investigate, carrying a pot and a basket of mugs. "Sugar? Where's the boat from?"

Sesus Hara "I'm not sure"

  • Alaia nods at Feneng. "That'd be nice."

Sesus Hara "I'd imagine this little boat couldn't of gotten someone to far... But Iím no sailor"

  • Feneng drops in a lump and pours a mug, after setting the remainder of the stuff on the ground. Her own tea is unsweetened.

Nellens Gon "... ah, no sugar in mine, thank you."

  • Sesus Hara is looking at the food items

Sesus Hara "Well at the very least... our visitor left us breakfast"

Feneng "So I'm thinking' that there isn't much need for us to hang around and wonder who sailed up here. Odds are it's some fisherman from the next reef, who won't really appreciate us snooping around his boat."

Feneng "If he turns up I'm giving him tea."

  • Feneng flips through her notebook. "What's our next assignation?"

Sesus Hara "I think we should probably do a search... I don't feel comfortable with this...."

  • Feneng shrug nods. "I won't stop you. Just don't forget, we're Princes of the Earth. No need to get all twitchy over unidentified floating objects."
  • Alaia sips at her tea. "It's not like there's anywhere good to hide around here."

Sesus Hara "I'm aware of that.... it just strikes me a curious, thatís all"

  • Feneng nods and hands mugs to the other two Hunters. "Good morning, too."
  • Sesus Hara takes a mug "thank you fen"

Sesus Hara "I will only be a short while, we should still make it out on time"

  • Sesus Hara goes a head and takes a walk around the island to see if he can find the boats owner... he starts at the camp trying to find a trail to follow"
  • Nellens Gon takes the mug and nods a bit. "Thank you."

Hara finds a few faint footprints, only because the person who got out of the dinghy must have had wet feet. They lead towards the rocky coastline to the east, on the side of the cabin with no window.

  • Sesus Hara goes back to tell the others what he has seen

Sesus Hara *correction: just points it out* "hey... Doesnít it seam odd that thereís a cabin on this unmarked island?

Sesus Hara *scratch that.. sorry

  • Sesus Hara just tells what he can see
  • Alaia blinks a bit. "If that fisherman was spying on us, I will be most unhappy."

Sesus Hara "I wonder.... why did this person take the windowless side to go past the cabin"

Nellens Gon "Shall we find out?"

Sesus Hara "I think it would be in our interest... perhaps the Anathema had an accomplice?"

  • Feneng leans her forehead on her fist suddenly, looking disgusted. Then her eyes fill with flame.

There are a few elementals on the island and faint traces that the God of the Island is in residence as well, but none of them is obviously causing any sort of problem. One Water Elemental is curiously peering at the group from the shore.

Sesus Hara "Hey Gon... Want to see where the foot steps go?"

  • Feneng calls out quietly to the elemental. "Oy, brother of the water, can you help me?"

Nellens Gon "I might... and who is Feneng calling to?"

  • Alaia watches Feneng curiously. She really should learn to do that. "Spirit, Gon."
  • Nymph peers curiously at Feneng, then laughs. She dives under the waves and then surfaces again. Waving a muscled arm, the nymph (having altered her form to appeal to Feneng), grins charmingly for Feneng to come closer.

Nellens Gon "Ah."

  • Feneng gets in the boat but doesn't untie it. "My brothers in arms are worried about that other boat. Did you see who was piloting it? And, uh, would you mind manifesting for them? It makes them nervous when I talk to the air."
  • Nymph smiles and cocks his head curiously at Feneng. "If I do, what will you do in return?"
  • Sesus Hara triggers his own sprit sight... his senses expanding out into the sprit world

Feneng "I'll burn a bar of incense in your name, and see that these waters are added to the Immaculate lists of worship, naturally. That is to say, I will not forget to discharge my duty. You understand that things often slip my mind, as through a net that needs mending."

  • Nymph heaves himself half out of the water and gives Feneng a light kiss on the lips. Before breaking away and sinking back into the water, he manifests solidly, letting the others see Feneng kissing the blue skinned elemental.
  • Sesus Hara seams unshocked.... Nymphs are tricky spirits

Sesus Hara "I'm curious to learn what's on your mind Fen"

  • Sesus Hara lets his senses recede back to the physical world
  • Nymph peers at the others. "What do you want, since you obviously won't play."
  • Sesus Hara bows before the nymph

Sesus Hara We can only humbly ask for your aid oh great sprit of the seas

Sesus Hara We humble ask if you can shed light onto the mystery of the boats owner

  • Sesus Hara keeps eyes low... showing respect for the sprit
  • Nymph falls back into the water, laughing uncontrollably. Once the little elemental gets its breath back, it chuckles a few more times. "You are funny! I like you. That boat? A woman came in it last night."

Sesus Hara A woman? *Still adverting his eyes* Was there anything strange about her of great sprit of the sea?

Feneng "A woman, eh." Good cop bad cop? Sure.

  • Nymph nods, still laughing at Hara.

Sesus Hara "What can be told of the Woman?"

  • Nymph shrugs his brawny shoulders. "She was a woman. I did not pay close attention. I was involved with a dolphin."

Sesus Hara "I see... Fen was there anything else you wished to ask?"

  • Feneng giggles. "Involved with a dolphin?" Crap, bad cop. "That sounds suspicious , but you don't need to concern yourself with it. Dismissed."
  • Nymph wrinkles his nose. "Suspicious? Not at all. Would you like to try?"
  • Alaia decides that now is an excellent time to see where the footprints go.

Feneng "I'll take my chances with the furnace rhinos." She shudders. "...dolphins."

  • Sesus Hara bows... thanks the Nymph.. and excuses himself to go with Alaia
  • Nymph makes a rude, dismissive gesture toward Feneng before disappearing back into the ocean.

Nellens Gon "... well, that was... interesting."

Sesus Hara "Alaia... I'll go with you, if thatís all right"

  • Alaia doesn't mind the company... much. "It is, yes. Though I doubt we'll learn anything."

Sesus Hara "It never hurts to try"

Before Hara can catch up with Alaia, the Cynis woman is waylaid by a grey haired woman. Short and heavy set, the woman's shoulders are broad and she looks quite capable of dealing with either Hara or Gon, were they not Exalted. The heavy cleaver in her hand looks like a fish gutting tool. Smells like one too.

  • Nymph is now known as Fisherwife
  • Feneng smiles at Gon. "Water spirits hate it when you burn incense for them. Gives 'em ...I guess it's like indigestion." She muddles through her pack looking for some while Alaia and Hara are out.

Sesus Hara "Whoa... please calm down, We are not here to harm you!"

  • Alaia stops. "Ah, hello... is that your boat out there?"

Fisherwife "You! You fish riding bitch! You killed my boy!"

  • Nellens Gon ... turns to the woman calmly. "... yes, we can assume it is."

Fisherwife "Only people he EVER hurt were those slaving, thieving, raping pirates! And you chased him out here to this rancid pile of floating fishguts and killed him!"

  • Sesus Hara mental sweat drops... boy killing tends to make things tricky

Alaia "It was for his own good. He wasn't really your boy anymore."

Fisherwife "DONT YOU SAY THAT!"

  • Fisherwife runs at Alaia, waving her cleaver menacingly.
  • Sesus Hara hands in clear sight takes a step towards her "Please believe her... He was possessed by a great evil, even if it didnít look to be so"


  • Alaia turns on her anima and easily leaps up onto the house, sighing sadly as she spills her tea along the way. This has not been a very good morning.

Sesus Hara "Alaia... we can solve this without further violence"

Alaia "Maybe. I'll be up here just in case."

Fisherwife "You can't go jumping on rooftops forever!"

Sesus Hara "Please... You don't have to do this!"

  • Sesus Hara doesnít reach for his weapons and has his hands out as a sign of non aggression
  • Alaia sits daintily, sipping at the remnants of her tea. Obviously, Hars should deal with this. Some people just can't handle the truth.
  • Fisherwife yells and runs at Hara instead. "I do! I DO!"
  • Sesus Hara is going to try and disarm her
  • Fisherwife grunts as she muscles away your attempt to remove the cleaver from her hands.

Sesus Hara "Please don't make me do this!"

  • Feneng prods Gon. "Uh, should we do something about that?"

Feneng "I don't think I want to really get involved. It's hard to take non fatal measures with these things..." She looks at her swords. They look thirsty.

Nellens Gon "Do you believe Hara needs help against a simple woman?"

  • Sesus Hara grabs her arm twisting it around behind her back and places a foot into the back of one of her knees to lock her in place (clinch)

Feneng "We Immaculates have a saying. 'A man's true battle is with himself.' "

  • Fisherwife struggles in Hara's grip. "Let me go, demon! LET ME GO!"

Sesus Hara "Please... calm yourself.. we have no intention on killing you!"

Fisherwife "You killed my son! That's enough!"

  • Fisherwife struggle.
  • Feneng quietly observes, "What was that you said about fish riding, ma'am? Unless I'm terribly confused, which has been known to happen, we all arrived here on a boat. Including my roof sitting friend."

Sesus Hara "There was nothing that could be done for your son! He was possessed by an Evil... An evil that is Great at concealing his true nature!"

Fisherwife "He wasn't evil! Liar!"

  • Fisherwife starts sobbing even as she tries to jab her cleaver at Hara's stomach.
  • Feneng heads over to take the cleaver while Hara's holding her down.

Sesus Hara "I am not Lying, It maybe of not been today... or even in a month... but he would of turn on you... the curse of what he became would of made him turn on you... and nether you... nor anyone else would of been able to save those he would of murdered"

Sesus Hara "Could you bear to witness what he would have done?"

  • Fisherwife stops struggling and just cries, occasionally muttering threats of dire intent.
  • Sesus Hara tries to calm the clearly upset woman and disarms her

Feneng "Ma'am, we ARE sorry. It hurts to be an executioner, which is what we are. Is there a way to bring you comfort that would not require excessive cleaver Exalt interaction? We're not allowed to comfort citizens by allowing them to extract revenge on us."

  • Nellens Gon shakes his head, stepping towards the group. "I believe its safe to step down now, Alaia."
  • Alaia does so, though is more careful with her tea this time. "I thought fish riding was just an insult."

Feneng "Oh."

Feneng "OH."

  • Feneng sees now.
  • Sesus Hara is easing up on the clinch
  • Sesus Hara is softly offering the fishing woman scriptures from the immaculate texts that he feels could offer her comfort
  • Alaia smiles wanly. "I sometimes wonder if someone has written my house on my forehead where I can't see it."

Nellens Gon "Hmm?"

  • Fisherwife is ignoring Hara.
  • Sesus Hara gives up... takes the knife and steps back from the woman

Feneng "It's in your hips, love. No one but a Cynis can sway just like that ."

Alaia "I sway?"

  • Feneng makes a vague gesture.

Alaia "I guess I should get some of those ugly hobnailed boots the legionnaires wear. That should do it."

Feneng "You mean like Avaku? He's so dreamy ."

  • Feneng makes doe eyes at Alaia for a while before completely losing her composure and falling down laughing.
  • Sesus Hara wonders to himself if there really is nothing they can do here
  • Sesus Hara shakes his head
  • Sesus Hara whistles to Gon to come over to him
  • Fisherwife glowers at the Dragon Bloods and scurries quickly away, running for her boat.
  • Sesus Hara isnít going to chase the woman
  • Nellens Gon steps away from the woman's path, shaking his head.

Sesus Hara "thereís no point.. we can't really do anything for her"

Sesus Hara "she's consumed by anger and grief"

  • Fisherwife watches carefully to make sure no one is following her. Then settles into her boat and starts rowing away.

Nellens Gon "If that was her son... who could blame her?"

Sesus Hara "We can only believe to ourselves that we did the right thing for the people of this area"

Alaia "It's sad, really. And out here in the middle of nowhere, too."

Sesus Hara "Even if they don't realize it"

  • Sesus Hara turned from the group and fought back tears

Sesus Hara "Okay..... Where is our next assignment?"

  • Nellens Gon shakes his head. "Feneng, Alaia, do you know?"

Feneng "I have an itinerary in here somewhere, uh..."

  • Feneng shuffles through papers. "I think it was on the back of this shopping list? Here we are. It says...Hara, can you tell what's under that smudge?" She points to a large, bright yellow swirl of curry.
  • Sesus Hara looks hard at it....

Sesus Hara uhhhh.... looks like thatís our orders.... for this assignment

Feneng "Um. We should report back to HQ. Yes. That's what the itinerary says."

  • Feneng turns a bit more red than usual.

Sesus Hara Fen... are your sure thatís what it said (lets wait on Telgar to be sure)

  • Sesus Hara turns the paper upside down "Oh.. it dose say return to our Center of operations"

Sesus Hara "I'm sorry I doubted you Fen"

  • Feneng grins. "Let's pack up. I'll, um, try to avoid reading and eating at the same time, next trip."
  • Sesus Hara nods as he packing... hiding a slightly amused smile

Eventually, the Wyld Hunters find themselves back on Coral where they departed from with this skiff. From here they'll have to find passage back to the Isle.

Sesus Hara "Okay, We need to secure a boat back... How about we try to see what's heading that way"

  • Nellens Gon tips his hat down a bit. "Unless you wish to go somewhere else... or swim there, I suppose that's the only option."

Sesus Hara "Okay, Well Lets get to it then, who's going to arrange for our passage?"

  • Alaia nods. "Split up? See who can get the best deal?"

Sesus Hara "Sounds good... Lets go"

Sesus Hara "lets meet back here in a couple hours"

  • Sesus Hara waves and heads to go negotiate for passage
  • Alaia goes to try using her mostly inconsiderable charm to find a good ship to take passage on. Preferably one where they won't all be crammed into one good room.
  • Sesus Hara is just going to try and Use his natural charisma to negotiate a deal with a merchant, if at all possible he's going to play on his the boat owners faith and dedication to the empire
  • Nellens Gon is, sadly, not the best judge of good ships, so he settles for following Hara.

The final price negotiated with a lump faced rhino of a captain leaves Hara pleased, but Gon and Feneng are pretty sure they're being cheated. But, this is the ship best headed to the Isle. Alaia manages to find a better ride then Hara. The ship she finds is no going directly to the Isle, it will stop off at three ports on the way, but the Captain is a lithe, lean woman with glittering blue hair and wide, featureless black eyes. Her price, unlike the lumpen rhino man's, is reasonable.

  • Feneng shrugs at the cost after a while. Everyone cheats monks. Think they don't know about money.
  • Alaia is a little leery of the obvious spirit blood, but there will be two Immaculates on board, right? "Well? It's a better ship, but slower..."

Nellens Gon "How much longer will it take?"

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