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It's a good thing you're all Wyld Hunters or Immaculates, used to conditions no other Dynast would ever endure. Passage on a merchant ship, even a prosperous one like this, is not always a pleasant experience. Dried fruit, strong tea and hard biscuits with the consistency of wood make up large portions of the meals. Salted meat makes up the rest.

  • Sesus Hara doesn’t seam to mind... he became and immaculate to get away from that highlife courtesan bullshit anyways

But, when you reach Vladet, you will of course be able to purchase better food if you feel like it. And many other things, Vladet specializes in the rare and exotic for its imports and exports. And of course, it also specializes in heresy and gods.

  • Sesus Hara thinks on that one....
  • Nellens Gon steps past Hara. "Hmm. Worried?"

Sesus Hara “Maybe it could be worth the time to peruse this city”

  • Alaia rolls slowly out of bed and gets dressed, looking forward to the stop. At least get something beyond bruises and insults out of this trip.. To breakfast!

Sesus Hara “I mean what is a group of brash young Hunters like us to do besides root out possible leads on Anathema activity? “

Alaia “Find pretty things, buy them, and enjoy good food?“

Sesus Hara “Well there is that”

  • Alaia knocks on the wall when she gets there. "Did they discover anything edible while I slept?"
  • Nellens Gon chuckles. "No, but you may have better luck in the city."

Sesus Hara "Well the hardtack is pretty decent"

Sesus Hara "Still... unless the city is on fire when we get there... I’m not sure if there’s a good reason to get off the boat and travel it... well besides possibly finding leads"

Alaia "I was thinking that with all the trade going on, we could find something useful."

Sesus Hara "That is true... and it couldn’t hurt to at least ask around to see and anything interesting has popped up."

Alaia "Mhrm. If there's enough time, maybe you and I can go out for coffee."

  • Sesus Hara blinks

Sesus Hara "That’s rather sudden"

Sesus Hara "I guess there’s nothing wrong with it though"

Within the hour your ship, the Purple Dolphin, has docked at Vladet Port. It doesn't take long for the captain and crew to begin their trading, offloading boxes and barrels to take to their contacts and heading out to search the marketplaces of the city.

  • Sesus Hara straps on his Shortklaves... dresses in his travel robes and disembarks, likely with the others

Sesus Hara "Alaia... should we get Gon and be off?"

  • Alaia keeps a watchful eye out for a good cafe, in case one such can be found. If not, well, there's the next stopover.

Nellens Gon "Well, I didn't believe I was that silent."

Sesus Hara "I'm sorry...."

Sesus Hara "I don't know what I was thinking"

  • Alaia also looks for nice shinies, and things that perhaps Feneng might like, since she's feeling a bit under the weather. A gift should cheer her up.
  • Sesus Hara is pretty much looking around... maybe something interesting is to crop up

There are numerous dockside taverns and restaurants. Presumably the nicer style dining facilities are further up the coast, into the city itself. There are a few reputable establishments on the dockside, concentrated in market squares and circles and octagons.

Sesus Hara "

Sesus Hara "well Alaia... I guess you got a few options for breakfast"

  • Alaia nods. "You wait right here." She dashes off to get some from one of the at least reputable ones, soon coming back with a nice steaming bag of food.

Sesus Hara "Should it really be steaming... or in a bag?"

Alaia "Both."

Nellens Gon "... curious, that."

Sesus Hara "Well... I suppose I can't complain..."

Alaia "That's right. Now, where were we?"

Sesus Hara "Well... To be honest I’m kinda just along for the ride right now Alaia"

  • Alaia is slightly annoyed. "Look, just because I asked you out to coffee, that doesn't mean you're getting a ride, Hara."

Sesus Hara "You know... that really not what I meant Alaia...."

Alaia "Oh. Well, then.... Hey, look at that!" She heads over to check out a stall selling various weaponry for those who worry about little things like pirates.

  • Sesus Hara sighs and looks at a different stall... something selling trinkets and various novelties
  • Nellens Gon chuckles again, following after Alaia. "You seem to be in good spirits."

A few cultists of some strange, tattoo loving god walk past in a huddled cluster of six bare chested figured. Two of the women peer curiously at Alaia, Gon and Hara.

  • Sesus Hara pays it no mind.... for now
  • Alaia waves. "I'm out in the open air, with things to explore. And nobody trying to kill me yet. What is to be unhappy about?"
  • Sesus Hara quietly buys a small inevitably useless charm then walks back to the others
  • Nellens Gon cannot see the tattoos, and thus doesn't find it that curious. "Yes, I suppose that makes sense."

One of the cultists, a lean man with a bright blue goatee and mowhawk, separates himself from the others and walks over to the Dragon Bloods.

  • Sesus Hara nudges Gon to look in the direction of the cultist heading for us

Cultist "Blessed day, Dragonborn. Might I ask what brings you to Vladet?"

  • Nellens Gon pauses in his walk, and turns in the man's direction. "Hmm?"

Sesus Hara "Oh... We are just doing some shopping while we wait for our boat to ready to travel along further, is there something wrong" *Very polite sounding*

Cultist "No, nothing wrong. Dragonborn visitors to Vladet are very rare. You won't be staying long?"

Sesus Hara "While this is a very lovely place.. I fear our business won't allow us to extend out visit for very long, was there something you needed?"

  • Cultist shakes his head. "No, I was simply curious what brought you here."

Sesus Hara "I see, well if our presence worries you than you can be assured this is only a stop in our journey... not our destination"

Cultist "Enjoy your stay then." With a nod, the cultist starts back to his group.

  • Sesus Hara gets a bad feeling about this
  • Nellens Gon looks towards the others. "... he has a curious saltwater smell to him... and his voice was fairly high pitched. Was he a god blood?"

Alaia "Possibly. Blue hair."

  • Sesus Hara blinks "Good senses.... I didn't actually notice at all"

Neither of the others noticed any smell of saltwater and the man had a pleasant baritone when he was speaking...or so you remember.

Sesus Hara "Actually... I didn't notice anything odd about the man"

Nellens Gon "Hmmm... his question was also fairly odd, I think..."

  • Alaia shrugs. "God blooded are strange. Shall we get going?"

Sesus Hara "well I don't see a reason to stick around" *Is checking his person for anything missing... he didn't carry much.. a change purse... and his shortklaves*

Nellens Gon "Hah, perhaps they believe all of our kind hunt their people as well as Anathema."

Sesus Hara "I suppose... Well when you hunt down the former tyrants of the world, people might get the wrong impression"

  • Alaia takes Hara's arm and points. "Less talking, more exploring. We've only got so long."

Sesus Hara "Yeah... no sense dwelling on it"

The cultists leave the market square, heading toward the docks.

Sesus Hara "hmmmmmm" *notes the cultists as they leave*

After some shopping and a nice shared coffee between Hara and Alaia, the Terrestrials make their way back to the Purple Dolphin. The mate informs them that they won't be leaving until dawn the next day, so they should make themselves comfortable.

  • Nellens Gon nods at the mate, and then steps back, looking towards his companions again. "... funny, I smelled the same thing again... and a similar voice...

Sesus Hara "Huh, where?"

Alaia "There's a crewman on board... he has markings like the tattoos we saw, but they aren't tattoos."

Nellens Gon "Hmm?"

Sesus Hara "I have no goddamn idea what your talking about... I did see the cultists head this way.. but still"

  • Alaia describes the crewman and where he was as best she can to Gon.
  • Nellens Gon nods. "... I see, yes, that was likely the man I noticed..."

Sesus Hara "I still don't know what your talking about..."

Nellens Gon "... Alaia... did you notice that man on the ship on our trip here?"

Alaia "Not that I remember."

  • Sesus Hara is now known as Hara Backin30

Nellens Gon "Then perhaps we should ask the captain."

  • Alaia nods. "I'll be right with you."

Alaia "Hara, you watch the man."

When Alaia and Gon ask the mate where to find the Captain, they are informed that she has left the ship to oversee a particularly sensitive bargain and won't be back until the next morning

  • Nellens Gon looks at Alaia and then at the mate. "Then perhaps you may be able to help us?"

First Mate? "Depends on what with, but sure."

  • Nellens Gon nods, and looks at Alaia again. "Would you describe him?"
  • Alaia does so, in as much detail as she can muster.

First Mate? "Right, his name's Janik. What's the problem?"

Nellens Gon "I'm curious... is he a god blooded as well?"

  • First Mate? shakes his head. "Not that I know of. Could ask him yourself, he's right friendly."

Alaia "Hrmm...."

Alaia "Well, why not? Nothing else to do while the pretty captain is away."

  • Sesus Hara is watching the Man

Nellens Gon "Yes... afterwards, perhaps we should look for a good inn in the city."

  • Sesus Hara nods

Alaia "Certainly. Sleep without being rocked for once."

Sesus Hara "I suppose it couldn't hurt to enjoy this towns hospitality for a while"

  • Sesus Hara stretches

Sesus Hara "So... what is going on anyways, I feel like I’m not getting something here"

Nellens Gon "Ah... it's probably some curiosity mixed with the paranoia you get with this job."

Sesus Hara "So... it might be nothing... but it might be something really really bad?"

Alaia "Essentially."

Alaia "Just like always."

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